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Jan 11, 2007 07:23 PM

Wildflower Bread Company?

What are your thoughts? I've been meaning to try it out. Sandwich places can really bite for the amount of money they cost. How does it compare with Panera Bread, News Cafe, Atlanta Bread or Paradise Bakery?

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  1. I eat there once a week at least..

    They have great salads, good soups (at least 4 varieties daily) and sandwiches. They also have some pasta dishes.

    Cost usually runs me about $10 including an iced tea.

    I prefer Wildflower to Paradise Bakery because I like the salads better..

    1. Before I took this job I used to have lunch at the Tempe one a lot(before my Trader Joe's shopping trips...helped keep the TJ's bill down if I'd had a good lunch first).

      I always get the same thing..Pick Two with soup and either the Caesar or Wildflower salad. I really like the soups. Some of my favorites are the Mushroom, the Pumpkin, the Aspargus, adn the Green Chili corn.

      The sandwiches don't do a lot for me but I'm more apt to order soup than sandwich to begin with so I may not be the best judge.

      Every once in a while we'll go on a Sat morning for breakfast. The lemon ricotta pancakes are pretty good.

      Of these types of places this is my favorite.

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        I also like the pancakes - the buttermilk, lemon ricotta, and banana pancakes are all good.

      2. I have eaten several meals at the one that recently opened at 44th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix (review soonly).

        A few impressions:

        The breads are quite good and it has a great variety. They also have a wide range of meal options: sandwiches (both hot and cold), salads, soups (at least four to choose from a day), pasta, and breakfasts.

        I know the name is "bread company" but they go overboard with their use of it in their meals. If you order a sandwich and a cup of soup, you will get two hunks of bread with the soup, thick cut bread on your sandwich and a bread salad as a side dish. Zoiks!

        I have no complaints about the quality or freshness, and I do think they have a great selection no all levels (if you can't find something you like...). The kitchen can be very slow at peak times.

        Overall, a decent experience, and better than Panera or Paradise.

        1. I agree with those sentiments--better than Panera/ Paradise Bakery. I'll also throw in Atlanta Bread Co. and Arizona Bread Co., too, for good measure (for the most part). From my own experiences, I do find Wildflower is more consistent overall.

          But yes, good sandwiches and great salads. Soup offerings are also always noticeably fresh tasting and flavorful.

          1. No love for the pasta?

            I will cop to -- sometimes there are those evenings you worked a ten hour day on top of a hellish commute and the thought of fast food is just nauseating and neither do you have any druthers to go out and chance a shite meal. You want to get home and make something mindless yet satisfying and you don't want a sodium coma and you don't want junk. Those evenings, I pick up a tub of their marinara and meatballs, and put a dollar in the kitty by the door and select a fresh rustic baguette, crusty and toothsome. I go home and slather that bad boy with some garlic butter and put it in the oven and boil some pasta. Dinner in fifteen and more than just adequate; darn tasty and comforting.

            Leftovers for lunch!

            (I make my own pasta sauces nine times of ten. I'm talking about when you're really exhausted.)