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Jan 11, 2007 07:12 PM

Ramen Downtown

I know its hard/impossible to find "real" ramen in Toronto but the one at Double Happiness was pretty good and wonderfully inexpensive. Since its departure I haven't been able to find anything to take its place and I was wondering if anyone else knew of a location that does something similar (obviously I'm not looking for pho!).

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  1. for Ramen I usually go to Kenzo's on Yonge/Finch area. It's the best I've ever tried.

    1. what was your ramen of choice at double happiness? my lament is mostly that my other options downtown don't have the tonkotsu... i shall miss that beautifully milky broth.

      i would either go to konnichiwa on baldwin st, which is a heft $10ish price range. they do give you a nice quantity of greens that double happiness doesn't. their meat options are different however.

      another alternative is ema-tei on patrick. the only ramen choice they have is with bbq pork and corn. it's good, but more on the passable side than per se crave worthy.

      another option i am keen on trying would be r-shop at king and spadina. they are however only open during the weekdays and during specific hours. it's a funiture/cafe and it's got simple home style japanese offerings.

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        Is Konnichiwa owned by Japanese ? Thanks.

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          i pretty sure it is... someone else might be able to confirm.

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            433 King St. W, (between Spadina and Bathurst)

        2. Tokyo Grill at Yonge and Wellesley is quite good, and very inexpensive.

          1. I agree, Kenzo has the best ramen in Toronto. Please just stay away from Izakaya's ramen. I was silly enough to go there the day after I came back from living in Tokyo. The ramen resembled the instant noodles you get out of a plastic packet...and I believe you have to shell out about $10 for it. A total disappointment!

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              izakaya is dreadful. i'd almost liken their ramen to chinese egg noodles. the broth is also very bland and lacks a serious depth of flavour. it should be just as important as everything else in that bowl!

            2. yah Kenzo's is my fave for Ramen. Also I was there last weekend and the owner mentioned to us that they are opening a new location on somewhere on Highway 7. I forget the other intersection.