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Jan 11, 2007 07:11 PM

Sushi Buffet (All you can eat) in Atlanta?

Any recommendations for an A.Y.C.E sushi place in the Atlanta area?

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    1. re: rcburli

      There's a place off Jimmy Carter Blvd. on McDonough Dr. (behind the Varsity) the Mandrin Garden ~ All around good food,the sushi bar is the best that I've visited.
      Lunch is less that 8.oo and Dinner/weekends is about 13.oo per person...the dinner menu has a lot more of everything,they also have a grill that you pick your choices and pass it to a grill chef and they cook as you like~spicy or not.
      Over all a good choice!

      1. re: iornpig

        That was my favorite place for dinner when I went to the Norcross area once a month. I like it because the Japanese sushi lady makes it as fast as you can eat it and it certainly doesn't sit. For the price, you can't beat it -- I actually got a fix last month driving up from the airport area.

        1. re: iornpig

          I'm visiting Norcross this week and must say Manchuria Garden (the correct name) was awful as a lunch choice. Just awful. No wonder they make you pay before you can seems to succeed as a construction-worker-load-up-the-plate kind of place; if I had been able to see into the buffet area, I would have known it was not the place for me. Yes, they have sushi, but very, very tame and too large for the one-bite maki rolls...bland, even. And the "hot buffet" part -- I'd say 80% of the food was swimming or had recently been swimming in vast amounts of oil. For those of you who have vehicles running on restaurant oil -- this is the place; they must have drums of it. Needless to say, I passed on probably 90% of the offering. Tried a stick of chicken teriyaki -- not bad, but not flavorful. And I ate a nicely ripe slice of pineapple -- luckily, it had escaped the deep fryer. Yes, there's a hibachi grill area where food is "made to order" -- but it didn't appeal. So, bottom line, it was a mistake -- happily, not too spendy a mistake, but gastronomically, I fear for the next few hours......

      2. The only one I am aware of is at the corner of Roswell Rd and Abernathy. I haven't been though,so, who knows how good it is.
        There used to be one on Buford Hwy but it is now Mexican Seafood.

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        1. re: Katj

          It's funny that place (Badayori) is literally within walking distance of my condo and I've never been there. I drove past it, and started thinking about it yesterday which is why I asked! I didn't mention any names to prevent bias, but heck maybe I'll try it out. I enjoy sushi, but I've never been to one of those places before. The whole concept sounds a bit shady to me, but they have a huge menu with hot and cold foods according to their website. I'll report back if I gather enough courage ;-)

          1. re: HaagenDazs

            Hey yea, I'd really like to know if it is any good. The one on Buford Hwy was really just okay. I guess that's why it is no more.

            1. re: HaagenDazs

              My family and I tried the Badayori on Roswell Rd several months ago and were thoroughly underwhelmed. Sushi just okay, other foods mostly okay, desserts not worth the calories.

              In the end not worth the money unless maybe you're feeding some very hungry, not very discriminating teenagers. We figured that we'd have spent less just ordering the dishes a la carte elsewhere (either Sushi Avenue or Sushi Yoko being our points of reference for casual Japanese).

              1. re: Therese

                Hmm... too bad. I was looking forward to eating my weight in sushi :-) Even though the sushi is/was mediocre, I may give it a try. For $25ish per person, I may justify a visit just because they have shrimp and soup and such. I can almost guarantee myself that I can eat $25 worth of sushi - bad or not!

                OK - I'm kind of teasing. Bad sushi isn't good eats, I appreciate the advice!

                1. re: Therese

                  OK - I can report back...

                  Therese's description had it right. It's nothing special and I don't think we'll go back anytime soon. My girlfriend and I made it there at about 8:00 on a Friday night and the place seemed pretty empty. The sushi was nothing special - I've had better stuff come from the grocery store. The best sushi item I had was a vegetable roll; and I'm a sushi adventurist, so it's not like I was holding back. They had a little make your own soup bar that was good. The hot foods were better because those are harder to screw up, I assume. The braised bok choy was simple and acceptable. There were some dumplings that were mediocre, egg rolls, etc. I feel a little bad because the staff was so nice and very professional. Anyway, don't waste your time. The search continues...

            2. I have eaten at Badayori several times for lunch. For $13.95 - I am much more comfortable. I haven't felt that I could justify the cost of an evening meal. Does anyone know if the offerings are different in the evening?

              This isn't great sushi. I go to Umezono (and some other places) for that. Still, there is tremendous variety and there is always some that I enjoy much more than the others.

              Badayori's desserts aren't great - but they are the best that I have found at an oriental buffet in the greater Atlanta area.