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Jan 11, 2007 07:10 PM

111 Chop House, Woostah - Good? Better? Best?

Haven't been there yet - husband inquired if it's where I'd like to go on for my birthday in a couple of weeks.
Anyone been there recently?
Would like to have some insight from others before we drop a ton of cash.
I'd hate to be dissapointed.

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  1. Went there last fall. Yes, you'll drop some cash but not as much as the Boston steakhouses. Soft shell crab, prev. frozen was quite good and crisp as I like them. I had a trio of filets mignon, which comes with some accompaniments, as many dishes do. The sides are more reasonable than the capital, etc. also less bountiful. Had squash, asparagus and mashed. Can't recall what the others had, but no complaints.The usual suspects on the wine list. All in all a good meal for a not unreasonable price.

    1. I have not been but my husband has dined there on many occasions and loves it.

      1. I've been there once and thought it was good, not great. Everything was tasty, but nothing really knocked my socks off. I think that if you want to stay in the Worcester area it's a good place to go, but if you're willing to go into Boston for your birthday dinner, you could find something more special. Have you been to Willy's Steakhouse in Shrewsbury? It's actually a combination sushi/ steakhouse place, and I find it to be just as good, if not better than 111 Chophouse, with a nice atmosphere and not as much attitude.

        1. Actually, I took my husband to Willy's for his b-day dinner a few years back. Food was okay, service was pleasant, wine list fine.
          Too bad the noise level from a group of pre-pubescent soccer boys was horrible. Why don't parents take their kids to McDonalds??

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            I agree with Lilibet about the loud groups !! BUT my gripe is about groups of loud, giggly, girly grown men at the Sole !! Seated next to groups (that don't get out much???) twice now, one guy actually trailed the group of men out and sheepishly said to me very sweetly "I'm sorry":) I never returned there-personally I cannot see why the Sole is packed!! It sucks. Same owners (Sole P.) with 111Chophouse , and just as packed. I miss Valle's, Jimmy's Harborside and The Hilltop. But locally, go to the Harlequin at Beechwood it is quiet, elegant, and the food is fine !! For me, Block 5 is the most horrendous seating, but food is tasty. Yes I am waiting for TiNovo to re-open, but hmmm I doubt it will stay open?? Maybe it will. A nice restaurant needs to go into the old Tatnuck Bookseller location but WHEN?? And we prefer to say Worcester not Woosta...eww. That should not stick. It sounds horrendous !! maybe a local yokel once started it but do we have to expand it's life??? Repeat : WorcestER. Sound that ER. (I am born n bred in MA and do pronounce my Rs properly) Don't you wish everyone did?

          2. I consider the Chophouse overrated, too noisy, and a bit too full of itself. For a special birthday meal in the central Mass. area, I favor Sonoma in Princeton. Other reliable fine dining choices in Worcester are Rovezzi's and newcomers TriBeCa (just across from the Chophouse) and Castellana's. All of those are sort of upscale Italian/Mediterranean, though.