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Good Burritos in the Pasadena area?

Specifically looking for a good carnitas or bean & cheese burrito in the Pasadena area. Thanks in advance!

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  1. there's a little hidden place in the alhambra business district called el tepeyac that has some great burritos! they are GIGANTIC though. so prepare to eat!

    1. I'm betting that there's a bunch of Mexican places north of the 210 (NorthPas/Altadena) that are underdiscovered. Tonny's current popularity is fairly recent...

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        There are several places on Orange Grove west of Tonny's that look promising, though we have yet to try them. There's the new La Estrella location at OG and (I think) Garfield, then another one a couple more blocks west whose name I don't remember. There's also Puebla Taco in the strip mall at OG and Lake next to the 7-11 (not at Villa as someone else said). We've had a few humongous breakfast burritos from there; I've finally learned to buy just one and split it!

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          There's three Puebla Tacos. one on the corner of Lake and Orange Grove, one at Allen and Villa, and another at Woodbury and Los Robles in Hen's Teeth Square.

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            Oops, you're right. You'd think I'd been here long enough to tell Allen from Lake...

            Okay, now I've gotta try that one. Not quite walking distance, but certainly a lot easier to park at!

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              There is also place that is not bad in the Food 4 Less shopping
              center on Lake/Washington. On the Payless side. Pretty good Al Pastor. Never had their carnitas or B&C, but they are probably good, too. This place is owned by a relative of the owners of El Metate (Mentor/N of Colorado). I love their grilled fish tacos!

      2. I posted in another thread yesterday that I am partial to the Chile Verde burrito at El Taco on Rosemead Blvd (just south of Huntington/North Woods Inn/Trader Joe's). It's just a little drive thru place but they make fantastic verde with a good bit of heat to it. Their taquitos are good too.

        I haven't tried the B&C or the carnitas but if you're in the area it might be worth a try

        1. I should have mentioned in my initial thread that J&S in Montebello has the best tasting bean & cheese burrito I've eaten in SoCal where the beans and cheese are blended together to give it a silky texture. Add pico de gallo and it's heaven in a tortilla!

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            I like J&S bean & cheese burritos too. Tasty and dirt cheap!

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              Plus they're open 24 hours a day and if you never need a CHP officer, they're usually eating there too.

              I usually get the chorizo burrito(big & cheap) before heading to the Montebello CC for golf.

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                can you tell me where J & S is at? i live near there... but i've never been. thanks so much!

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                  J&S is on Garfield Ave in Montebello, just south of the Pomona fwy.

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                    Next to the entrance of the Montebello Golf Course/Quiet Cannon/Hilton Garden Hotel.

                    This morning I had a chrorizo burrito at Griffith Park Golf Course for $5.95 and it was just as good and big as the one at J&S for $2.25.

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                      thanks! i'll go and check it out soon!

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                  OH! J & S! Home of the pastrami quesadilla! Yumm.

                3. I like Puebla Taco. There are three in Pasadena, but the best one is at Allen and Villa. I don't know about bean and cheese, but the carnitas is good.

                  1. Good carnitas burrito - that little place in the back of the neighborhood market that I have been touting for a while. I love their burritos - the al pastor is what I cannot resist! If you get a bean and cheese, they are not refried beans, they are boiled whole in a broth, but very good.

                    La Bodeguita Mini Mkt.
                    1135 N Summit Ave
                    Pasadena, CA 91103

                    1 block east of Raymond and 1 block north of Mountain.

                    1. I haven't had a chance to sample it yet, but Tonny's chile verde burrito looks very promising from recent CH reviews.

                      In nearby Alhambra on Valley Bl, Pepe's Drive-Through als has good chile verde burritos and I'm sure they have carnitas too. However, they have a heavy hand with the cheese so be sure to specify easy on the cheese if this is an issue.

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                        We just went to the Pepe's on Valley hoping that it was related to the Fullerton Pepe's. It is! BUT, the breakfast burrito at the Alhambra one is nothing like the Fullerton one (not anywhere near as good).

                      2. Rosarito
                        2120 East Foothill Blvd
                        (626) 440-1640

                        Excellent carnitas.

                        1. puebla and La Estrella...I used to recommend taco truck until...you don't want to know.

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                          1. El Super Burrito on Colorado near Rosemead next to the Cost Plus. Always delivers.

                            1. King Taco - 45 North Arroyo Parkway

                              1. Rick's on Walnut and el molino great vegerito!!!

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                                  Rick's is amazing. When is it closing down?

                                2. The best carnitas in Pasadena are at an extremely modest place called Mi Casa, on Fair Oaks a bit north of Orange Grove. They are made in the real Michoacan style, which is to say intensely porky, if not extremely crisp, but there are enough crunchy edges to keep you going. Barbacoa on weekends, too.

                                  The standard for bean and cheese burritos in Pasadena, compact things with a true Cal-Mex flavor, is Burrito Express, on Washington neat Sierra Bonita. They are neither exciting nor innovative, but they are dead on.

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                                    Yes, Burrito Express B&C burritos are really great. They go great with their red spicy sauce too (which you can buy by the half pint!!!) and usually add a dollop to every bite.

                                  2. The Spuderito w/ beef at Rick's on Walnut its the very best in the world. They put their delicious french fries in their awesome burrito, sounds weird, but seriously is infamous!

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                                      King Taco has terrific burritos. The b&c is made w/refritos, while the combo is w/stewed beans & rice & choice meat. Rick's is awful & I can't wait for them to close, what an eye sore & tummy ache. Burrito Express is good, but I agree w/chowster condiment above, nothing exciting, but simply good. Puebla's is good if you're drunk, not a very clean environment. (OG/Lake).

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                                        IMO what Rick's does best are their tacos and tosadas. I cannot believe that you would rather have one of those hideous apartment "complexes" that they are building all over Pasadena instead of a landmark like Rick's - which are disappearing by the bucketload. So Wrong!

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                                          Phillipe's is a landmark, Top's is close to one. Rick's is an eye sore. I can't wait until more mixed use real estate takes over the spot. Maybe a place like Rick's can open on the ground floor of the complex. Do Chowsters really drive more than 5 miles for Ricks? The Hat has better burgers & looks more like a relic than does the basic rusty & filthy Ricks. I'll admit, Rick's pineapple shake is pretty good on a hot summer day, but not enough to convince me that it's some kind of landmark.
                                          I am sorry Wildswede, I really respect your views & you've reviewed many terrific places. Maybe I am just too hyper-critical about what a landmark is. Don't fret, my friends & neighbors here in Pasadena mostly agree w/you. I just don't understand why.

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                                          You have to take Rick's for what it is, which is Americanized Mexican fast food. Context is everything, even when it comes to cheap eats.

                                      2. I second Burrito Express and the Spuderito at Rick's!