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Jan 11, 2007 07:04 PM

Brodie's Backyard BBQ--Smithville MO

Smithville is a smaller town on the outskirts of Kansas City. A lot of restaurants have come and gone over the years, because the town just isnt big enough for nonchains to compete. We were driving along looking for lunch and found a new place opened right off of 169 Hwy called Brodie's Backyard BBQ. We figured we would try it. The decor is definately strange--he decorated it like a backyard with the fake grass, strings of christmas lights and pink flyod posters. There are several TVs and a large big screen to watch games on. You walk up to the counter and place your order. You get a number and sit on plastic lawn chairs while it is prepared. The menu is pretty large--sanwiches run from 4.99 (for a quarter lb meat) to 5.99 for a (1/2 pound of meat). A quarter is plenty big. The food was fabulous. We ordered brisket, pulled pork, burnt ends, chicken fingers, fries, onion rings, Backyard taters (mashed seasoned w/ ranch topped with cheese, bacon and green onion) cole slaw, and baked beans. We all nibbled off each others and came to some definate conclusions:
The brisket was great. Tender, smokey, and juicy. It was the best I've had anywhere. My dad raved about it
Burnt ends: not bad, chewy, greasy, not the best I've had but decent
Pulled pork: Juicy, but I found it rather flavorless still
chicken fingers: they were hot and the breading was crisp. There was a good ratio of breading to meat.
(a table close to mine ordered the smoked tenderloin and it looked great!)
The sides are what really stood out to me. The baked beans were the best I've had...slow cooked for 18 hours they were addictive. Smokey and meaty they were full of great flavor. Slightly sweet with a good sauce.
I am totally addicted to the onion rings. They were hot and crisp. The onions were sliced thick and the breading was shell like--it fully encased the onions--not crumbly like some. The cole slaw was so-so, nobody really raved about it. The curly fries were the biggest disappointment. They were utterly flavorless. They were simply twisted up french fries that had no flavor. They werent greasy, they just tasted, well, bland.

I have now been there several times and my standard order is chicken fingers, onion rings, and baked beans.

Brodie showed me the smokers out back, and the ribs looked great! He smokes them for 18 hours. I will have to try them and report back sometime soon!

The place is now packed and there it has gotten really busy. I think this place will make it. Good thing too, cause I would really miss those onion rings and baked beans!

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  1. do they actually make the chicken fingers? I can only think of a couple places I've ever been where they were made from scratch.

    1. lol probably not, but are still awfully good!

      1. Just an update pn brodies....

        Its only a five minute drive from my office so my co-workers and I frequent it often. I have probably eaten there numerous times now and the food has gotten better and better since my first visit (to be fair, my review was on opening day...(most newspapers wait at least 3 months before offering up a review. Most restaurants need at least that much time to work out the kinks). The menu has changed somewhat since then. The burnt ends that I was "eh" on have vastly improved. One of my co-workers raves about 'em and swears they are the best he's had. Of course there is this guy who says that they arent his favorite, but none of us ever listens to him anyway (he claims that Famous Daves is the best hes ever had...enough said lol) The burnt ends are much meatier and properly sauced then the first time I ordered them. I'm no burnt end connsuier, but these are awfully good. Some else tried the potato salad and the first words out of her mouth were "wow, this is good." So I guess thats a positive. :) i got another order of the pulled pork and this time, it was much better. I'm a little spoiled in when it comes to pulled pork because every year when I was in college, we would slaugher a pig and roast the whole thing. We would throw huge luau and eat farm fresh, utterly tender pork. (wow, if you can ever eat it fresh it is freaking amazing!). This time around, it was much better though. still juicy, it was slighly smokey and had was nicely flavored. It was very good, despite my high standards. To be completely honest, Brodie threw them in for free, and while i appreciate it, it in no way affected my opinion. The staff there is just great, very friendly.

        Again, the onion rings and baked beans remain stellar. These have now become my baseline when ordering onion rings from other restaurants. Most of us are now hooked on both.

        Each table has several sauces (6-8) and I have tried them all. I really love the baby rays sweet sauce(?). With all that variety, everyone can find something to suit their tastes unless they are an absolute bbq snob.

        Brodie is a great guy who regularly makes rounds and on several occassions has asked us if we are satisfied with our food. This is by far the best place in Smithville and has become one of those hidden "gems" worth driving out for.

        Just a side note, there is a chinese restaurant right next door that before brodies moved in, did decent business. Now, it sits absolutely empty and I would say its on one of those "death watches" Its almost sad and we all feel kind of sorry for them, but not enough so that we actually go there instead of