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Jan 11, 2007 06:46 PM

Pao de queijo in Astoria

Does anyone know if any of the local Brazilian restaurants have it? I've only been to Sabor Tropical which does not. I know you can buy it frozen at the Brazilian supermarket near Northern, but was hoping to find a restaurant that has it.

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  1. That pizzeria (Copacabana?) had them. In a pinch, Trade Fair has the mix to make them.

    1. Best place is the pizz place mentioned above. Not nearly as good as in Sao Paulo, but the best I have found here in NY. You can buy the mixes at the Rio store near northern, it actually comes out ok.

      1. I know this is Outerborough board, but I know a couple of places in Manhattan. Good & Plenty To Go (43rd between 8th & 9th) has them almost everyday, although it's better to go earlier, because sometimes they run out. I like theirs a lot. Cafe Colonial on Mott & Houston also has them, but they're not that great.

        1. Go early while they are fresh is very true of all places. In Sao paulo no one would put up with anything but soon out of the oven. That does not happen much here.

          1. Buy the frozen pao de queijo bags at Rio Bonito Market, 32-86 47th Street. The frozen one is great, and you only have to bake them. The mix is terrible!