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Jan 11, 2007 06:02 PM

cracked enamel in Le Creuset dutch oven--safe to use?

Despite all my care in using my beloved Le Creuset dutch oven (I even hid it from my sublettor), I had small cracks appear on the inside enamel while making soup last night. I called Le Creuset, and they said to send it in, but the thought of sending it in during prime braising season makes me sad. The customer service person was concerned that the enamel might chip and enter my food, but it's very smooth to the touch, if not to the eye.

I saw one post previously saying that these hairline cracks are okay, but just wanted to see what others thought.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Send it in... then go here and get yourself a pot that is as good or better than LC and they're on sale! There's always room for one more pot!

    1. Thanks for this post--I have an LC with a crack and I didn't know it could be fixed! But to your question--I've been cooking with it relatively frequently over the past few months and haven't noticed a problem. No chipping or anything, and nothing tastes funny!

      1. If it is not flaking off you'll be fine. But if it is, that enamel is like glass. You do not want that in your food.