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When is restaurant week?

Has anyone heard anything about Boston Restaurant Week this winter?

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  1. DATES: Sunday, March 4 through Friday, March 9
    Three-course Prix-fixe Lunch Menu: $20.07
    Three-course Prix-fixe Dinner Menu: $33.07

    1. www.BostonRestaurantWeek.com says they'll send you the list as soon as it's available

      1. Thank god I will be on vacation that week. Restaurant Week = two thumbs down.

        1. the www.RestaurantWeekBoston.com list is up and running, for anyone who's interested, I know there are plenty of negative feelings towards Restaurant Week - but it certainly makes for good conversation.

          1. The OFFICIAL Restaurant Week Boston® Winter 2007 (March 4-9, 2007) website is:


            Restaurant Week Boston ® event is sponsored and organized by the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau and American Express.

            1. has anyone been to a restaurant for "restaurant week" that they actually enjoyed/would recommend for this week event?

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                I've had many more hits than misses. Very good meals at Meritage, Met Club, Julien (doesn't exist anymore), bummers at Tremont 647, Mistral, some weirdness at Rest. L and blu, but the food was good. The rest I've felt fine paying $30 for 3 courses. Taranta, Om and Copia next week.

              2. Like so many others, I've had definite hits for RW and really poor misses. Some of the hits include:

                Harvest/Harvard Square
                Upstairs at the Square
                No.9 Park (almost impossible to get anymore)
                Great Bay
                .... a few others I can't remember at the moment. I always say I''m not going to do it this time and invariably I do. For me, it's an opportunity to get to a place that I might not otherwise try or want to spring for. I particularly like places that pair special wines with the meals.

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                  Taranta is always good, and I remember we had a nice one at Sage once too. Also, I've have had good meals at Davio and Eclano.

                  I usually go to a tried-and-true if friends want to get together, or we might check out a new place that may be looking for some buzz, but this year taking my chances with spots I think an out-of-town guest would like. Fingers crossed - Tresca in the North End, Meritage, and lunch at Top of the Hub (done this before, nice spot to spend an afternoon and well worth $20).

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                    Thanks. That's one of the ones I forgot -- Sage was also v. good, although that's a place I'd go any old time.

                    One of the bad ones -- Marco in the North End. Company was charming, food was not.

                2. I also find it's pretty hit or miss and have passed on recent RWs. This time around I'm going to go to Sandrine's. I've been before and it's good on regular nights so I really hope they pull off a great RW dinner.

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                    FWIW, we went to Sandrine's for RW a few years back and it wasn't that good food-wise.

                  2. What are some good restaurants to try for restaurant week? I went to Bon Fire in the fall and it was excellent.