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Jan 11, 2007 05:46 PM

Looking for great wine shop in Fairfield County, CT [Moved from Wine board]

Can anyone recommend a wine store with a large selection in the Fairfield County area of Connecticut? (Ridgefield, Norwalk, Stamford) or in the Westchester County area of New York? (other than Zachy). It seems like everyplace I go has such a limited selection and I don't like always having to go into Manhattan to get wine. Any and all recommendations are appreciated?

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  1. Check out Wine Wise just up from Whole Foods in Greenwich. Wine is a bit of a hobby of mine and having tried a number of stores in the area this one I really like. They are fairly new too and promote quite a generous "try before you buy" (as long as you are serious about buying something of reasonable volume or quality...) offer. I went in before Christmas for a case of reds...spent well over an hour in their back tasting room with the younger guy who works there happily imbibing away on a number of his suggestions...I bought about 60% of his recs. with the other 40% being my own preferences...which he let me try too...!

    (As an aside I heartily recommend the "Hazy Blur" Australian Shiraz and the Penner Ash Oregon Pinot...both delicious...:))

    A most enjoyable experience and I will be back for more soon!!

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      1. Check out Franco's in New Canaan--they advertise in the NYT often and seem to have a good selection.

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            I'm not surprised, but hey, what do I know--I get 98% of my wine from Fountainhead. Small selection, but very interesting and affordable.

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              People very nice, helpful and knowledgable

        1. For a large selection at fair prices, check out Varmax in Port Chester, just barely across the border from Greenwich. There are actually some amazing bargains there that I'd rather not even disclose (more for me!). From the website, you can print out 10%-off coupons.

          I've looked at Wine Wise, and for me the selection is too limited and the prices not competitive. Didn't make use of their advice/expertise, so maybe that's what sets them apart.

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            Ditto the Var Max.......great wines from every catagory you can think of...Rhone, Burgundy, Napa, Italy, Bubbles, Sauterns,......they have it all.

            Beringer Private Reserve Chard $25!!!!!!!! Stews in Norwalk is selling it for $36!!!

          2. Wine wise will discount on a case purchase...I got (if I remember correctly after everything I tasted...and big tastings too...:)) 20%...

            When you say "limited selection" I'm presuming you mean volume...yes, this is not a big wharehouse joint aimed at offering sweeping discounts to the wise is more specialist and has, dare I say it, a more interesting nee "intelligent" inventory...they cover off all the main areas on the world wine map but do it in a way that would surprise you. Their Russian River Valley selections are top notch and not (to my knowledge) to be found anywhere else in the area...ditto Oregon and the Rhone Valley. Finally, I even managed to pick up my favourite "cult" Italian red from Puglia region "Il Falcone"...something I haven't managed to do since I left London...