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Jan 11, 2007 05:41 PM

Border Cafe, Burlington MA

I know most people in Boston abhor the Border Cafe, but it's one of my favorite restaurants. They're building another in Burlington, and it's gone up very quickly. Does anyone have any idea when it will open? I hate having to find parking in Harvard Square.

And what do you order? I usually stick to the quesadillas or the shrimp and crawfish caesar salad -- so tasty!

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  1. According to the wait staff in the Saugus restaurant, within a week. They've made a lot of progress on the facility in just the last 10 days. [EDIT: I just rode past it an hour ago and they look like they could open this weekend. No signs or dates though.]

    My favorite: Catfish New Orleans.

    1. I did not like the quesadilla's - they were incredibly greasy. However, I do like the drinks.

      1. i was there recently and had a great grilled chicken dish that had a very tasty green sauce.
        the chicken was juicy, nicely grilled and the green sauce, made up mainly of chopped fresh parsley was light and very tasty. i highly recommend it! served with the usual jose's rice and black beans. yum!

        1. In NJ they have a sister restaurant called Jose Tejas and I have never have a bad meal there. The two favorites I have are the cadillac fajitas and catfish tacos with jambalaya yummy.

          1. blackened catfish fajita .. after going to Border for years and trying many menu items, I ordered the Black Cat a few years ago and have never looked back

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              I tried that one after having a few disappointing attempts at their enchiladas. I would definitely get it again! The mango salsa was great.