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Jan 11, 2007 05:00 PM

Pressed Almond Duck & Egg Foo Young (Brown Gravy)

For those interested in really good old school Chinese food. A friend recommended and said that it was a must try since I like Almond Duck and Egg Foo Young. It's in the Crenshaw Square area of Los Angeles. The menu has all of the items nostalgic to those that remember. Pressed Almond Duck... Brown gravy Egg Foo Young... Crispy Won Tons... Pink Spare Ribs... and the good old fashioned Chow Mein, Fried Rice and Chop Suey. Really good stuff.

Kim's Chinese Restaurant
3860 Crenshaw Blvd, #105, Los Angeles 90008

I'm going to try the newly opened Chop Suey Cafe in Little Tokyo tonight.

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  1. I think Kim's is better than the Chop Suey Cafe, but I'd be interested in your comparison. Also some other interesting places in Crenshaw Square are Tak's Coffee Shop, the successor to the Holiday Bowl Coffee Shop, and the Cobbler Lady, who has some very good sugarless (and sugared) cobblers. Also does anybody know anything about that Korean place next to the post office, Hill Top Cafe, where Tai Ping used to be many years ago? I think it's a Korean night spot, which if so would be an unlikely location. But the fact that they remodeled the place recently after several years in that location would seem to indicate they're doing OK.

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      I don't have high expectations from the Chop Suey Cafe. Thanks for the tip on Tak's Coffe Shop. I'll give it a try.

      1. re: ToroTaku

        Taks Coffee Shop is only open from like 5am-2pm (breakfast and lunch).

    2. Canton City in Montebello is an old school Cantonese restaurant that makes good old fashioned chow mein and delicious brown gravy egg foo young.

      Canton City Restaurant
      121 N Garfield Ave (at Whittier Bl)

      1. I like Kim's and I like Tak's Coffee Shop (great Loco Moco). Kims is definitely old school, but funny they have the smallest egg rolls I've ever seen. Lunch specials are an extremely good deal and lots of food.

        Forget Chop Suey Cafe, you'll be disappointed. You want the Far East Cafe experience, go to New Formosa Cafe in Boyle Heights or Formosa Cafe in W. Hollywood...they are related to the original founders of the Far East Cafe and have the same menu.

        Another place for good old place for the old stuff like almond duck, egg foo young, sweet and sour pork, wor wonton soup, seaweed soup and fat noodle chow mein is Paul's Kitchen in downtown LA on San Pedro and about 8th Street. I'm not to thrilled with the Monterey Park location anymore, think they pre-prepare the food and just reheat it.

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          Chop Suey Cafe... Ugh! I should have listened but I thought going into it with low expectations would result in a okay dinner experience but I was really disappointed with their menu/food and service.

          Menu - The items on the menu definitely don't work well together. Japanese, Chinese and Korean flavors that aren't really true to any of the three make it hard to appreciate any of the dishes. We tried a variety of items since it was our first time there. The Japanese Chicken Wings, Chow Mein with Chop Suey on top of noodles, Curry Fried Rice (No option for non curry version), Tempura Shrimp Salad, Sweet and Sour, and String Beans were all terrible. There were other items like cutlet and a Japanese style steak but they weren't what comes to mind when picturing dishes from a restaurant named Chop Suey Cafe.

          Service was horrendous. Aside from taking our order we had to get up and flag someone for help everytime we needed more drinks. Other than taking the initial order and dropping off the food we had to get up and locate someone to come and attened to us.

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            We warned you! Oh well guess experience is the best teacher. What's up with the sandwichs on the menu???!!!

        2. Jack's Chinese is still in Bellflower. On Lakewood Blvd. a few blocks north of the 91 frwy, just before Alondra Blvd.
          It is in the same tiny little building as it was when I went as a little kid 38 yrs ago.
          Owned by the same people too. Although it is run bythe Children now, but the Older Chinese man is still there.
          They don't have Almond Duck any more though, but Egg Foo Young with brown gravy, chop suey and pork spare ribs as well as others.

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            Sorry to say, but Jack's has closed it's doors permanently. My grandfather, who started the restaurant passed away last year and my parents, uncles and aunts decied to retire after so many years. Glad to see that we were actually mentioned here. We had so many loyal customers. Thank you.

          2. ToroTaku? I want to thank you for suggesting Kim's on Crenshaw. Their duck is great and I'm still on a "duck high" from eating there last night with my kids. The pressed duck at Kim's was better than Trader Vic's duck in Bev. Hills! And a far better value for the money too. I have to add that their char sui (bbq'd pork) was excellent as well! You have no idea how long I have been trying to find good pressed duck in the LAX area of L.A.. You made my day, Toro and thanks to you, I can get my duck "fix" now whenever I want it! Thank youuuuu!