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Jan 11, 2007 04:43 PM

Fabulous Saturday Lunch

We are coming into the city for vacation(from Arkansas) and would like to have a fabulous Saturday lunch. We thought we'd go to Jean Georges, but they don't have lunch on Sat. Can you all make a recommendation for a visitor? Will be a party of 7, willing to pay for a delicious lunch/wine etc. Doesn't really matter what part of town, we can get anywhere we need to go!

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  1. Perry Street, Jean Georges more casual but still delicious restaurant in the W Vill. Fleur de Sel also does lunch on Sat.

      1. If you like french....Payard Patisserie has a really nice lunch. They have a prefixe lunch for I think $28 that is worth a shot.

        1. Not sure how well they'd accomadate a party of 7, but Casa Mona is worth a shot...really great food and wine...and IMO a wondeful place for saturday lunch

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            I love Casa Mono for a Saturday lunch (with a nap to follow). Fantastic wine list (all Spanish) and you can start ordering and keep ordering until you are full (or stuffed).

          2. Eleven Madison Park serves lunch on Saturday. Though they call it "brunch," and there are some breakfast-style foods on the menu, the lunch dishes provide an opportunity to dine on Chef Humm's spectacular French-inspired cuisine. The wine list is excellent, service is perfect, and the space is gorgeous!