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Jan 11, 2007 04:41 PM

Superbowl Party

I know it is a few weeks away, does anyone know where i can order food for my annually superbowl party, and suggestions?

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  1. Tony Luke's for roast pork and Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches (they will be appopriate for that game).

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      Very appropriate, as will clam chowder. And I fear clam chowder may defeat cheesesteaks yet again.

    2. Fresh Direct does some great Superbowl platters each year like sandwiches and chicken fingers and it's delivered. Blue Smoke allows orders for wings, ribs, mac & cheese, etc. I think that it's pick up only but it's yummy!

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        1. Ottomanelli Bros on York and 82nd does great party fare -- wings, ribs, subs with any type of Italian or American meats and cheeses you like, trays of homestyle Italian food like baked ziti, sausage and peppers, chicken parm, lasagna, name it! It's a great neighborhood place -- they're super accomodating and will deliver all over. 212-772-7900

          1. I was at ACME (southern/cajun) down on Great Jones St last week. I saw something advertising a free order of chicken wings for ever $50 spent on all take-out orders. Their portions are huge to begin with, so they might be worth a try if you want a big spread of food for the night.