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Jan 11, 2007 04:33 PM

sushi in Monterey County and closely beyond

Any suggestions for sushi in the Monterey area or close by. I've been to most in Carmel and Monterey but am looking for something more. Sushi Heaven is decent but overpriced and Akaoni is excellent but very expensive as well. Friends at work say Robata Grill in the Barnyard, Carmel is o.k., but appears to be more for tourists. Please help me, my sushi craving is reaching new heights.

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  1. Ichi Richi in Seaside used to be my local fave and Robata was good too...what on the MP isn't for tourists? Sad...

    1. What's with Akaoni? I lived on the peninsula for a dozen years, but am just a visitor now. I haven't heard about this place.


      1. when I ate at Robata all rolls were drenched in sauces. Dumbed down, so to speak. Emphasis seemed heavy on showmanship rather than on delivering good food.

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          Agreed. Robata has never been much good. Too much cost for mediocre fish and costumed characters.


        2. Haven't been there for a couple years, but I found the sushi at Shogun in Salinas to be quite respectable and an excellent value compared to SF Bay Area prices. I'm a traditionalist and tend to stick to nigiri.

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            so, you'd go east on 68 from Monterey to Salinas, continue straight through the signal at Blanco Rd. intersection and proceed till you get to the downtown Salinas area. Thanks for the rec. Close enough to 101 for travelers, too.

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              It's a couple blocks from the Steinbeck center. Good place to stop for lunch after a museum visit.

          2. Hanagasa Japanese Restaurant On 8th between Mission & San Carlos, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, Phone: 831.624.4470

            or go to Miyuki's in Watsonville. 452 E Lake Ave
            Watsonville, CA 95076
            (831) 728-1620

            Sushi on the Run in Aptos - Limited hours and to go only.
            7957 Soquel Dr, Aptos, CA, 831.688.3690