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Jan 11, 2007 04:18 PM

Dim sum in Centra/Western Mass/Northern CT

There used to be a terrific dim sum restaurant at Shields' Plaza in W. Hartford, but unfortunately it went out of business. I live in Springfield, MA and don't mind traveling an hour or so (once in awhile I go to Boston or NY) for dim sum. I'd love to find a place that really does dim sum rather than having only a few items available.

I do make some things, but there's nothing like going to a bustling restaurant filled with lots of people and terrific dim sum.

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  1. china pan in west hartford has a respectable dim sum

    1. The Great Wall Restaurant in Florence, Ma has dim sum on saturdays. It has a very good reputation.

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        I went there a few weeks ago. It was good, but their offerings were slim. I'll try it for regular food because the man who is in charge of food service at UMASS is Asian and he said that their food is most traditional.

      2. We too mourn the loss of Dim Sum in West Hartford, but Great Wall in Florence is excellent. We ate there today, in fact.

        On Saturdays only ("unless the weather is so bad nobody will come") between 11 and 2:30 they serve dim sum from a single cart with other dishes on a buffet. New dishes keep issuing from the kitchen every few minutes, everything from dumplings to sticky rice to dishes of baby bok choy to noodles and cold salads. Really an astounding variety, but you have to take it slow to see what's coming next.

        It's very confusing, the service is very warm and friendly but kind of chaotic and we can't figure out how they do the bill (it's not on the table but there are chops stamped according to what you eat) but the food is extraordinarily good and astoundingly inexpensive.

        This is the kind of "real" Chinese restaurant you dream about finding!

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          I'll try it again perhaps with someone else so that I can try more items. Thanks.