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Jan 11, 2007 04:15 PM

Mike's Bistro--anything new to offer?

I am going tonight--haven't been in quite a while. I know there are numerous posts already. From what I browsed, people really like the ribs and duck gnocchi, but are dissapointed with the size. My memories of Mike's is similar--great food, wish it was cheaper, especially due to smallish portions--but food and ambience were infinitely better than Le Marais and others. Places like Le Marias make me feel like I'm back in a sleepaway camp dining room and we should all bench togethr after the meal.
Anyway, I was once there for a holiday meal and it was prepaid price fix, and the people at our table were not eaters--I went to town! The one stand out dish I remember, believe it or not, was the chicken breast. It came sliced on a platter for the table and I swear I ate the whole thing.
Any new items on the menu, or one that is simply overlooked (like plain ol' chicken) that you guys recommend?

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  1. Honestly, I'd head to Solo over Mike's Bistro any day...especially if you have the loot to throwdown to do the tasting menu there, it's so so SO worth it!

    550 Madison Avenue
    Between East 55th Street & East 56th Street Map data ©2007 10022

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    1. How much a head for tasting menu?

      1. Last time I was there was last week - it was $50 or so a person for tasting , $85 with the wines.