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Jan 11, 2007 03:58 PM

brunch at Essex?

I'm heading to brunch at Essex this Sunday - what do people like there? Are the drinks legit (3 drinks included with the $15 brunch), or watered down? What is the wait like?

The menu looks great to me, just making sure it is not deceiving.

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  1. I haven't been in a while but I always enjoyed the Mexican Matzah and the drinks were pretty decent.

    1. Full disclosure: I'm a total lightweight when it comes to drinks, but I stumbled out of my last Essex brunch quite plastered after two mimosas and a screwdriver.

      The omelette with sheep's milk cheese is really tasty, but my favorite was some sort of eggs benedict concoction with salmon roe. (I think there was a $3 supplement for that.)

      1. the wait can be awful, the food is rather good, the drinks are standard brunch drinks.. it's a great deal..

        1. Do yourself a favor: make a reservation, and make it before noon. Otherwise you WILL wait 2 hours to sit/eat.

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            just know that they do (or did) enforce the no booze before noon law on Sundays..

          2. To report back: brunch was (mostly) very good. Drinks were certainly legit, and the one member of our party drinking mimosas was constantly re-filled (certainly more than 3 drinks) at no additional charge (those of us with screwdrivers and bloody marys were held to 3).

            Food: good to very good. I had the Souther (biscuits, gravy, eggs),and my girlfriend had the LEO, both were ample portions and very tasty.

            My one complaint: we made reservations for 12:30 (the only time they told us was available), but still had to wait an hour; I'm not sure the reservation did us any good - I'm pretty sure when we got there we were just put on the regular list. Big pet peeve, but all in all, a very good brunch. I'd go back, but probably right when they open.

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              The one time I went, I waited about an hour and a half for a party of 2 w/o reservations, and a lot of parties w/reservations were seated before us. I wouldn't suggest going w/o.