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Westchester Bat Mitzvah

Just received our daughter's bat mitzvah date (in 2009)and we are starting to look at places. Any suggestions for places with great food, luncheon approx 120 people. Will have a DJ and dancing too!


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  1. We also just received our date in 2009 and will be looking as well. Hope to see some replies.

    Maybe you should post what areas you are interested in looking?

    1. Mazel tov to you too! Our services are in Rye and we are planning the luncheon to follow. Hope to stay in a reasonable (?) distance, maybe 30 minutes. I have looked in New Rochelle, Port Chester, Rye and have an appt in Mamaroneck.

      What area are you in?

      1. An acquaintance I know just booked the Coveleigh Club in Rye for a Saturday night bat mitzvah. She had several recommendations and I have a friend who confirmed the positive review having attended an affair there.

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          Looked at Coveleigh today! It's beautiful. We also like Mamaroneck Yacht Club. Is there anyone who has been to both and can compare them? Thanx!

          1. re: debmom

            I don't debmom but I'd bet if you start a thread asking specifically about the two you'll get some feedback.

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              I checked out Coveleigh too, and I was very impressed with many things. The only thing that worried me is that when the GM sent the proposal later in the day, the date we requested was wrong and the document was full of spelling errors. I liked the place so much but this got me a bit worried... would that be enough to make you think twice?

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                I would think twice but I won't run. We went to the Mamaroneck Yacht Club to see it set for an event and the staff looked grungy and the food sparce, we ran! My search continues. You are not looking for a document writer, how's the food and service?

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                  Debmom -- what makes me unsure when the GM of Coveleigh gets your date wrong and makes a million spelling mistakes on his agreement is that we are supposed to put 100% trust that it will all be executed as close to perfect as possible. If the man is so careless with his spelling and our bar mitzvah date, my feeling is that he may be just as careless with our affair. When you are putting all that money and faith on the line, I want somebody who has their act 100% together, regardless of how the food tastes!

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              Can't compare, but I've been to a few affairs at Mamaroneck Yacht Club, and they were all lovely.

          2. Went to a Bar Mitzvah at La Panettiere in Rye. Excellent food and atmosphere on a Saturday afternoon.


            1. mmk. yacht- great food and fabulous service. many friends lost deposits at other places to switch to mmk.
              they gave complimentary year membership and lots of other xtras. food was some of the best i've had at BM's in westchester!
              glen island food is good but sales people and prices are not so good!
              there's a new place that people are using in pelham- a yacht club(or beach club) where i belive you need to know a member to sponsor you . check it out. it's supposed to be the best currently. tappan hill food has gone down hill so avoid that. more complicated, yet better, is to find a space, get a great chef/caterer, and plan it on your own. good luck!

              1. Check out Crantree's Kettle House in Chappaqua. We had my sons Bar Mitzvah here. They have a room downstairs.

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                  Yeah, but the downstairs room at the Kittle House is so ugly.

                  Another option not mentioned: Lake Isle Club in Eastchester. I went to a bat mitzvah the a couple of years ago and it was surprisingly good. They had a sushi station which was excellent, and the other buffet stuff was also great. Main course not as good, but if I were to do a bar mitzvah there I would do the buffet as the main course, anyway. Now that I think about it, the bananas foster for dessert still had the skin on the bananas (they were sliced thin so it was hard to tell). Maybe you should skip it :-). But the sushi and other buffet stuff was good.

                2. Thanks for all the advice. Keep it coming! I have visited 10 places in the last week and they all say they will bring in sushi chefs at an additional charge. That is probably what you saw. It runs approx $1500 for 1 hour, some places charge it by the person. It sounds like that is the most popular added option.

                  The other add'l is the cake. Many places do not include it. Any recommendations where to look for that? I've heard about Lulu's in Scarsdale.

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                    I ordered father in laws 70th bday cake from Lulu's (think they are kosher too) It was beautiful and stunning as well as delicious. They made a 3 dimensional harley davidson motorcycle with chocolate wheels and the works. A little mistake was that they forgot to send the candles to Old Oaks, but the cake was such a hit and the talk of the party, it was relatively minor. Even if you walk by their window you can see all the fancy cakes they do. Don't pass up their midnight ganache cake.

                    You may also want to try Riviera, and La Rennaisance. They don't hold a candle to the artwork and flavor of Lulus but they do nice stuff, especially if you are on a budget.

                    Good Luck

                  2. We are going to have my granddaughter's bat mitzvah party at RestaurantX in congers. It will be on a Saturday afternoon. Since the restaurant is not opened for lunch on Saturday, the entire restaurant is opened for a private party.

                    There will be decorations with a theme and a DJ for dancing.

                    Peter Kelly's food is always wonderful and he does everything with elegance and class.

                    1. My daughter's Bat Mitzvah is in two months and we're having it at the Kittle House (upstairs). However, since she's on the circuit, we have been invited to a bunch so far this year. Tappan Hill in Tarrytown seems to be popular these days and we enjoyed a Bat Mitzvah there last week. We're going to afew more places in the next few months. I'll let you know

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                        Thanks, grimaud, for the info. I looked at Tappan Hill yesterday. They use Abigail Kirsch and the presentation of the food is the same as at the Botanical Garden. Did you enjoy the food? The photos are beautiful, I wonder how it tastes? Thanks.

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                          Oh, and I forgot to mention that our neighbors just booked their daughter's Bat Mitzvah at the new Whitby Castle. They also had two other Bar Mitzvahs, one at Tappan Hill (it was nice, but ten other events were going on that day) and the other at CV Rich Mansion (food was good. They are pretty particular people and seem to be thrilled with the new management and chef at the Whitby, the atmosphere is stunning (she said the just completed a huge renovation) and she raved about her tasting. You may also want to give them a try.

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                            Sorry I took so long to answer; the food at Tappan HIll was good; the appetizer was a seafood and corn souffle that was good but not as great as it sounds. I liked the beef entree a lot and my wife liked her salmon. The dessert was decent. I like the Kittle House better for food, but Tappan Hill was certainly better than average, I would rate it as the seond best meal I've had in a whiile at B-Mitzvahs or weddings.

                            BTW, the family brought their own wines and that probably made a difference. I liked the champagne and both the red and white.

                        2. I looked at the Surf Club on the New Rochelle strip of clubs for a dinner dance and it was very lovely.

                          1. Has anybody had their affair at the Fountainhead in New Rochelle? My impression is the price is on the very reasonable side, you get lots of food, and the place is a nice, stereotypical catering hall.

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                              These are the same people who bring you Glen Island Harbor, except without the view. The food is above average for a catering hall, but pales in comparison to restaurants like Crabtree and The Castle, and more distinguished reception sites like Tappan Hill. BTW I have been to events at Covaleigh and they were excellent, and imo, the food at Coveleigh is better than Glen Island and most places, and the view is stunning -- I guess I just wouldn't have the GM print my invitations or menus for me!

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                                1974 my bat mitz. my father was their rabbi on call when they needed a rabbi referral- i grew up on fountainhead leftovers and loved them. now, the food continues to be good and plentiful and the staff still wonderful and attentive. you are right, very typical catering hall but the price matches the atmosphere- go for the food if it were my chowish priority list of items to be addressed when having a party.sandy is the man you want to deal with- he's an old timer in the catering business and can accomidate all needs. go for it- why spend more- save for the wedding!!!!!! i've got one daughter finished, one to go!we went really funky in nyc for the first btw

                              2. Had my daughter's wedding at an Abigail Kirsch facility at NYBG and it went quite well...Another possibility might be Prophecy in White Plains on South Broadway. They do all types of functions I understand, and the food is very good! I know they can also see to your musical needs. The person to speak to there is owner Daniel Coughlan (914-285-0900)...

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                                  Is that the same place as Coughlan's Bistro? Did they change hands?

                                  1. re: RawTunaFan

                                    rawtunafan, same owners and exotic new layout. food is quite good...

                                2. We enjoyed a Bar Mitzvah last year at Tappan Hill, good food, fun party. They had a DJ that kept everyone up and dancing. It was a Saturday night affair. I think a lot of this decision has to do with your budget. My nephews' Bar Mitzvah's were both at Lake Isle, and it might have been surprisingly good for what it was, I would not consider it to be in the same league as Tappan Hill.
                                  We also went to a Bat Mitzvah at a place that was somewhere in the Salem area, can't remember the name. It was a very nice affair, in June, so the cocktail hour was outdoors. More classy and elegant than a place like Lake Isle. Does anyone know what I could be talking about, I don't remember the name. It was in a place that was like a large old stone home/castle type.

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                                  1. I've been to several very nice events (including two bat-mitzvahs) at the Roosevelt Ballroom http://www.rooseveltballroom.com. in Yonkers. It's an old ballroom that has been lovingly restored, and is run by the caterer. The food is very good, and they have a number of stations that they can put out.

                                    I've met and talked to the manager, and he's very together. (We are having our wedding there in April, in fact) I think the price is reasonable, and what I like best about them is that they don't upcharge everything.

                                    It's not in the BEST neighborhood (by far) but they have valet parking, and it's kind of a lost/hidden treasure of Yonkers. We live in Yonkers (just moved) so that was important to us.

                                    1. did you find a place? Given the economy- I'm worried about the ability of these places to stay afloat. I found a great loft, studio in yonkers at the waterfront and at the bottom of the proposal, it explained the refund policy if they close, and then I realized that many of these event venues will close quickly as businesses in the hudson rivertowns are. I'm really worried. My loft was perfect and soooo low budget yet chic and funky(my daughter's style). Any recs. for a less typical place where I can create my own party? I just need a space for 150. Even a space that I can tent- do my own food and music, rentals, etc. I've exhausted my options.

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                                        There is a great space near the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester that can be rented

                                        1. re: pruzes

                                          i callled the capitaol a few months ago and they were Very expensive and needed to use their caterer- it was over 100.00pp- similar to the typical places. what is the space you are referring to?

                                          1. re: yeshana

                                            It is right next door, on the right side I believe. It looks like an office building but the inside looks like a enormous open SoHo loft

                                            1. re: pruzes

                                              sounds great. i searched and searched and even googled address. can't seem to find it- any suggestions on what to search?

                                              1. re: pruzes

                                                Hi pruzes,
                                                Did you ever find the name or contact info. on the space next to the capitol theatre? I've come up with nothing and i'm a great websearcher.

                                          2. re: yeshana

                                            Yeshana, do you remember the name of the loft you had found in Yonkers? And did you end up with any other great venue ideas? I also need a cool, trendy space for a bar mitzvah in Lower Westchester or vicinity (130 guests). Thx!

                                            1. re: Kofiko

                                              lots of art lofts in the yonkers art studio district. google art lofts. also the name I think of the place we used was "the loft" it's a dance studio also. Beware of the owner's tolerance and ignorance about parties though- it was a struggle toward the end of planning and wasn't as smooth as I'd like. I am from the hospitality business so did all of the coordinating myself- the whole thing was done by me so it is a lot of work, creativity given the space (no kitchen and VERY limited wprk space), and much much work.

                                          3. Lusardi's in Larchmont...on a Saturday, you can take over the restaurant.....what about The Rye Town Hilton or The Ritz Carlton in White Plains?

                                            1. Why spend a lot of money for 5 hours. Go family style Italian and hold your affair at Laguna in White Plains. In these tough economic times you will be happy you did. Get a great DJ, Photographer, Videographer and you are good to go. The upstairs fits 120 comfortably. I had both my kids affairs there and they both had a blast and we didn't break the bank! The cake is from a place in Rye, order the Strawberry Shortcake it was the best!

                                              1. Check out GreenTree.
                                                Real nice owners-family run.
                                                Will be having our wedding there.

                                                1. Hi, I'm hoping to update this thread with new suggestions.

                                                  We are looking for a fun unique place that we could rent out for a Bat Mitzvah. Would consider Westchester, Lower CT or even NYC for the right space.

                                                  My daughter was hoping for something different from the typical "club style" lounge places that most parties are in.

                                                  Anything new out there that we could turn into a unique party space????

                                                  Anyone been to a fun / different party place that you recommend???

                                                  We will have approx 80 -100 people, DJ and dancing.

                                                  Please help - I am at a loss as to where to look.


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                                                    Me too rk1. Looking for different types of options for a somewhat smaller crowd (I think, haven't done a count) but a fun and different place for DJ, dancing. Not over the top, not cheesy, not a sit down dinner suitable for a wedding location, not a country club. Does this exist in Westchester?

                                                    1. re: laylag

                                                      not sure if it exists, but hopefully we can get some suggestions from this board. i will keep you posted if i hear of anything.

                                                      1. re: rk1

                                                        Here are some options in on the west side of the county.

                                                        Check out downtown Yonkers near the Yonkers MetroNorth station. All the venues have valet parking, and the MetroNorth station means friends/relatives from Manhattan can get there easily.

                                                        X2O does a great job in an amazingly beautiful space and is where I had my son's Bar Mitzvah. It is not cheap, though.
                                                        Zuppa was the site of a friend's son's Bar Mitzvah. Also solid.
                                                        Someone mentioned the Roosevelt Ballroom earlier, which my schools foundation had its benefit a few years ago.

                                                        If you like the river, Harvest-on-Hudson (in Hastings) and Half Moon (in Dobbs Ferry), owned by the same people, are big B'nai Mitzvah locales for the Rivertowns synagogues like Temple Beth Shalom in Hastings. Also, both restaurants are at MetroNorth stations for easy access.

                                                        Lower in price but with great river views is Riverview Caterers in Yonkers near the Hastings border. It feels more like a catering hall, though.

                                                        1. re: HamTech87

                                                          I don't believe the Roosevelt Ballroom still functions. I think the caterer closed up shop there. Our wedding was one of the last events, I think. (and that was in 2008!) Maybe someone else has re-opened it?

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                                                            Thanks for the suggestions HamTech. I'm hoping for something in the southeast or central part of the county if possible and also a place that is out of the ordinary for bar/bat mitzvah's - a place with a little something, something untraditional that isn't a b'nai mitzvah destination. Also, more about the kids than the adults. Any thoughts down this way?

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                                                              we are in an area that is beyond competitive when it comes to this type of party. there is nothing new or unique about anywhere one would host a big event. Life in Ardsley or the Loading Dock in CT may have everything you are looking for but they are not inexpensive. want unique rent out the lobby of one of the big corpoate offices on westchester avenue and have your decorator go nuts. it will cost you less to buy out a 4 start restaurant in NYC and bus all your guests to & from! have fun hunting!

                                                      2. re: rk1

                                                        Try the "PLACE" in dobbs ferry- dk how it is other than it's a unique space

                                                      3. Did anyone ever figure out what that space in Port Chester was that was discussed here back in 2008? I had not realized the post was that old when I read it recently.

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                                                          Not sure about that but another "unique" space in Pt. Chester is the Capital Theater. also an arm & a leg though...

                                                          1. re: cubanat

                                                            Right, the theater was already covered in this thread.

                                                            1. re: MisterBill2

                                                              yeas sorry didn't feel like reading the 2006 posts!

                                                          2. re: MisterBill2

                                                            may have been the paramount. Lovely but VERY expensive.