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South Street Burger Co

Has anyone tried this place yet? Any good?

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  1. Think Harveys with an extra $3 worth of condiments.


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      Harvey's is awful now so I'm sure South Street must be better than that.. They've scaled back their menu to the point where it's the same as it was in the 80's. They recently brought back the Angus burger for a limited time but not the bun. It's basically a decent patty on those horrible wonder bread style buns.

      1. re: HarryLloyd

        I ate there the other day, and it was pretty close to what HarryLloyd said over a year ago.

        1. re: 50firstdatesguy

          But the patty tastes more real to me than Harvey's, which seems full of fillers...

      2. I've been to Laird. It smells great, but the burgers are overcooked and dry, though I liked them better than the dessicated hockey pucks now served at Licks. They do not deliver the "pink" burgers promised on the sign at the cash. Service is disorganized and waits can be long. Much better toppings than at other, similar places. Rings are fresh and crisp, but I noticed an odd underlying taste (I don't know what - possibly soy flour). Fries are OK, but seem to taste different than those at parent NY Fries. The shakes are very good.

          1. Thanks for the info all! I LOVE LOVE LOVE good juicy fresh burgers and will stay away from South Street Burger Co.

            1. I liked it the first time I tried it. On second visit, our burgers were dry and void of flavour. Definitely not good enough to make me stray from my favourite, Burger Shack on Eglington.

              1. Goldenstar at Yonge and Steeles, get the Allstar burger and you will be converted.

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                  Totally agree here. I think Goldenstar is a bit better than Burger Shack, but I have no complaints with the homemade burger at either.

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                    I agree. You can't drag me into Burger Shack, which is only a few blocks from home, but I'll happily drive up to Yonge and Steeles for the homemade burger at Golden Star.

                2. south street has slow service, is overpriced, and terribly ordinary - give me Golden Star anyday - and how can you bad mouth Harvey's when they have the best fries

                  1. Hi,
                    The better Burger in To.

                    1. Go to European meat market on jutland st in Etobicoke. Home Berger combo for 3.99!!Can't beat the value but also very very good!!!!

                      1. So tell me, do any of the burger joints you are all recommending deign to serve a rare (or at least medium-rare, still pink) burger??

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                          You were joshing, right embee? Please let me know if you find such a place, and I'll meet you there and pay for your lunch.

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                            Um . . . you could be in for an expensive lunch! Because I do know that Bymark will actually serve their burger as requested and it is about the only place.

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                              Actually if you're willing to go into Baton Rouge they will serve their burger to order and it's a pretty good burger.

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                                Not that I don't want to treat embee to a lovely lunch, but prior to your mention of Bymark, we were talking "burger joints," a la Burger Shack. Harvey's, Golden Star, Lick's, and South Street. :-))

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                                  Sure, sure! Technicalities. ;-)

                                  Oh, and Aardvark, Baton Rouge really will serve a med-rare burger? Is it any good otherwise. I've never been to Baton Rouge, but I might for a good, cooked to order burger. There's one in the Eaton's Centre right? That's convenient for me.

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                                    Baton Rouge sure didn't serve one to me.

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                                      They certainly used to (the one in the Eaton's Centre). The waiter went out of his way to ask how we wanted it done and to specifiy that they grind their meat daily and will cook their burger to order. I haven't been there in a while so maybe thats changed but I recall the burger being pretty good.

                                      1. re: Aardvark

                                        My wife was craving a burger a few months ago and figured Baton Rouge might be a decent prospect that's relatively close (Yonge/Sheppard location) and they were very clear about not being able to prepare it anything less than medium or something... It came well done (and not in the good way if you catch my drift) :)

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                                  No I wasn't...I was quite serious.

                                  Allens cooks them as ordered, including full out rare. They are delicious -- easily a contender for best burger in Toronto. So I'd pleased to be taken there for lunch. Pick a date :-)

                                  But Allens is hardly a "burger joint", though it isn't as expensive as some of the spots mentioned in this thread (about 8 bucks without fries).

                              2. Allen's on the Danforth will cook a burger to your specifications and it actually comes out the way you ordered it. Still one of my fave burgers in the city.

                                1. Sorry to revive an old post but.......

                                  Mrs. Sippi and I did the SSBC thing this afternoon. We each had a cheese burger, we split fries and rings and each had a drink.
                                  First of all, I wasn't expecting much and SS delivered. They screwed up the drink order right off the top. We ordered a medium and a large. Rather than just giving us a large and a small, they had to point out that they didn't have a medium. I said "No problem" which to them meant, give us two smalls.
                                  I have to admit, I liked the burger. I didn't however love it. It didn't come with a bit of pink as advertised and wasn't overly juicy.
                                  The sides were bordering on disastrous though. The fries were not overly tasty and rather blond. Not GB&D. The onion rings were worse. They have a light breading (I prefer my beer battered onion rings) and it doesn't adhere to the ring. So ultimately, you're eating an unbreaded cooked slice of onion.
                                  They also wanted 50c for a drink refill.
                                  I was already $20+ into it so I declined.

                                  So once again, we have and over priced, under performing burger place. I guess you all know that by now anyway.


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                                  1. re: Davwud

                                    I have to say I think the SSBC burgers are good for a quick meal. It's better than any of the other burger chains, and for us, close to home. We go to the one on Laird. It's clean, service is prompt, and a good selection of toppings. We love the onion rings!!! They were crispy, red onion and not at all greasy. I guess each to his own.

                                    1. re: millygirl

                                      Did the crispy coating stay on the ring or flake off leaving you with only the onion??


                                  2. Tried the one here in Mississauga a couple times, I gotta say, I found it pretty terrible.

                                    The burger is a flat, overcooked, & underseasoned piece of cardboard. The fries are pretty plain, and the onion rings have a VERY strange taste to them. Aside from using rosemary sprigs in the breading itself, it just has a generally very odd taste to them. The icing on the cake that really ticked me off last time I was there is how they were charging for refills on their already watery tapped soda's.

                                    Very expensive, very unsatisfying. 4/10 rating

                                    1. I have tried the South street Burger on several ocassions as for my opinion it is the best burger I've ever tasted. The patties have no seasoning on them, which is why some people would call them bland, what more can you expect from a 100% pure beef burger without seasonings!! There condiments are also pretty appealing best selection I have seen. For those who wish to try new things on a Burger south street is absolutly the place to go. As for there fries and onion rings I think they are both good! I personally like the onion rings, on the other hand my friend disslikes them greatly... its a love hate thing I guess.


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                                      1. re: urbanfoods

                                        This place is terrible in my opinion.. Only thing worthwhile I guess is the fries (Since its New York Fries)

                                        Bland, very expensive, and not very big at all

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                                          I will agree with you that their toppings are much better than average. That's important, since the burger itself is very dry and has very little taste. The onion rings have a handmade character, but there's a weird taste in the coating. The shakes, which are real ones, are excellent. I probably said the same thing last year, which makes them consistent. Yeah, I still get dragged there on occasion.

                                          1. re: embee

                                            Aye, the batter has large pieces of rosemary leaves in it, and the onions they use are red onions instead of white

                                            Makes for a very odd taste indeed

                                            almost like i like the batter, but when you add the red onion to it, theyre just..odd

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                                              you were generous in your rating above. given the premium pricing and all the message on the wall saying how much research they've done blah blah...3/10,

                                              1. re: grandgourmand

                                                You're right.. I was pretty generous

                                                I'm shocked at how many people consider this to be a "good burger"

                                                It's practically as thin & flat as a whopper for gods sake

                                        2. Pretty good burger, AMAZING onion rings! Best I've ever had (though I must admit, I almost never order onion rings). Biggest criticism is that its overpriced for a "fast food" place. Anyone have thoughts: South Street vs Hero Burger?

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                                          1. re: kasey j miller

                                            Both stink.
                                            I mean, they're fine and all, compared to most fast food joints. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

                                            1. re: grandgourmand

                                              Good fries... which I'm pretty sure are New York Fries, but what makes these burgers are the toppings, the actual burger isn't that great.