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Jan 11, 2007 03:33 PM

Looking for downtown restaurant for party of 5 - help!

Hi I am looking for a resturant, anywhere below 34th Street. I am introducing my boyfriend to my parents, so want something nice but not too uptight. Was going to go to Cookshop but lost reservation when I added 1 to our party. Prefer New American, innovative, fresh ingredients.....and where I might be able to make reservation.


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  1. In the same neighborhood as Cookshop I would highly recommend Red Cat.

    1. It's on the other side of town, but Hearth is a delicious dining experience. The chef used to work at Craft. The ingredients are fresh. The wine is expertly chosen. The service is top notch.

      1. Five Points - definitely fresh ingredients and not too uptight. nice space and delicious food.

        1. Hearth or Red Cat are both great suggestions..I'd choose Hearth over Red Cat personally.

          1. Five Points is the perfect introducing parents place!