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east end breakfast

seems most of the best breakfast and brunch joints aren't on the East side of town. Any recommendations for the Danforth, Riverdale, Beach areas?


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  1. 3's Company at Danforth and Lamb (just east of Greenwood) is a friendly, family place with nice breakfast options. I especially like the savoury bread pudding, and their coffee is good too. Ten Feet Tall, same area, has received mixed reviews here but I like their breakfast food, particularly the eggs florentine. Neither place is big, though, and both can get busy.

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      We've been to 3's Company a couple of times and have to say that it was disappointing, to say the least. We weren't impressed at all. Usually, we go to either the Beacher Café(?) on Queen E. (I know it's been slammed here a few times, but hubby and kids love it there) or the Terminal on the Danforth just east of Coxwell.

    2. The Tulip for breakfast.
      No brunch.

      1. I have to agree with the Bus Terminal on Danforth, I just came from there!! Also good lunches.

        1. there are tons of great places in the east end....if you don't mind spending some $$ verveine i have heard is nice, as well as edward levesque kitchen; hello toast is good - good food, good portions, small but intimate; i had a great breakfast at kubo radio (though there is not much selection for breakfast and service can be questionable at times); if you don't mind crossing the river, petit dejeuner is a personal favorite, and there is always the classic greasy spoon at the canary down by the distillery.

          1. Forgot to mention The Tulip, very popular for breakfast, or the Logan Grill on Gerrard. As the above poster said, there are lots of brunch places down here.

            1. I love morning glory on king st e. amazing sausage and waffle with fruit compote (and homemade ketchup!)

              1. I've always like the Pear Tree on Parliment--excellent eggs Benedict, and on weekends tiny cheese scones and blueberry coffecake.

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                  the blueberry coffeecake is yummm.
                  we really like the egg benn and egg florentines too, and oddly, also the chili with eggs in it.

                2. Really depends what you're looking for.

                  Steak 'n' eggs: Tulip

                  Fancy pants buffet: Whitlock's. Reservations are wise, but not a necessity like, say, the Hothouse Cafe which is a preposterous zoo.

                  Used to live on the east end, but really, no place compares to the lakeview lunch at Ossington and Dundas.

                  1. I think there are plenty of decent brunch options in the area, we're in Leslieville and we generally don't get bored with the options. We go out for breakfast/brunch every weekend (sometimes on both Sat & Sun) and tend not to stray too far out of the hood.

                    Here is a list of places in the general area we either frequest or have tried in the past year or so... some great, some decent, some not worth going back to. You can search this board for more info on most of these.

                    Globe Bistro - current fave
                    Le Petit Dejeuner
                    Kubo Radio
                    The Tulip
                    Ok Ok Cafe
                    The Bus Terminal
                    Bonjour Brioche
                    Cafe Vert
                    Leslie Jones
                    Edward Levesque
                    Toast - average food but bad service
                    Allen's - mixed reviews here
                    Joy Bistro - find the food is average at best
                    The Only Cafe - good waffles

                    On top of these I could add another a few more places (Sarah's Cafe, Ten Feet Tall, etc) but wouldn't recommend them because we found the food to be below average.

                    And yeah, we do enjoy our brunch! :-)

                    1. When the in-laws get a hankering for having brunch, we always head out to the Sunset Grill on Queen St. West. This one is great for swapping sides (the other like to switch his toast to a french toast instead!)decent portions and well done fried potatoes...mmmm, thinking about it makes me wish it was Sunday morning already!

                      1. Really enjoyed Barrio and was disheartened to see how sparse the crowd was when I was there. The dishes are beautifully created and the costs of the menu items are less than Verveine or Levesques.

                        I enjoy 3s Company. Good food with a healthy twist. I know that there are folks who enjoy PUlp Kitchen but I have been meaning to try it and haven't.

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                          Pulp kitchen is excellent within its niche. But if you are neither veg nor vegan, you might find the food variously very heavy or somewhat odd.

                          For a healthy slant that is less austere, Cafe Vert (AKA Sacha's) is very nice.

                        2. Vise listed some good places. Never went to the Tulip but it's known as sort of working class person's place to go, has a rep as a good place.

                          Logan Grill is great for oldschool greasy-spoon style b-fast, but nothing to brag about.

                          A little known place is at Carlaw and Eastern: Gail's Snack bar. The prices are from the 1970's, and though the place looks like you would catch a bad case of food poisoning, you won't and the place has a good rep. Literally you can stuff yourself with $5.

                          Or you could just go for Dim Sum at Soon Foon Tai on Gerrard at Broadview.

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                            If you've never been to The Tulip go now!!! Its the quintessential diner but with above average quality food, huge servings, and diner style efficient (and sometimes indifferent) service. We pretty much have to go there at least once a month for breakfast, a burger, or their tasty beef tenderloin wih mashed potatoes. I love the place myself... as long as you know what you're in for I don't see how you can't enjoy it.

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                              I'm sure that Soon Foon Tai closed, so you won't be eating much there.

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                                I doubt it since I just ate there last week, just passed it two days ago and it looked the same.

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                                  Well I'm not sure as I haven't been in the area for a few days but you might want to take a look at this post from yesterday:


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                                    the for sale sign has been there a long time. Place is always packed.

                                    That's crazy. I wonder if they just didn't go by at a late time, as I know it closes pretty early.

                                    I will be passing by tommorow, so I'll post my findings.

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                                      Soon Foon Tai has definitely closed.. I was there on Wednesday and it is already being renovated. One of the staff is now working at Pearl Court and I even checked with her!! I don't know what's going in there next, but the trend has been for a Chinese restaurant to close and a Vietnamese to open.

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                                Gails Snack Bar is adorable! Grimmy, but adorable. The mom-and-pop operation brings a certain charm. It's a great spot for a quick breakfast on a budget.

                              3. Definitely try Pomegranate at Queen and Beech. Fantastic breakfast.
                                Pulp Kitchen is very good. I really like it there, especially their smoothies and lattes. Just keep in mind that it is vegetarian.

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                                  Of all the places mentioned so far, I'd highly recommend these:

                                  Leslie Jones (brunch)
                                  Pulp Kitchen (brunch)
                                  Tulip (typical breakfast, really best for steaks and watery spaghetti, which is a perfect comfort spot-hitter every once in a while)
                                  Cafe Vert

                                  And if you decide to venture 7-10 minutes north, I love Jules Patisserie on Mt. Pleasant for a casual sit down brunch. As well, they have the best croissants in the city and they don't run out by 10am!!!

                                2. Ten Feet Tall on Danforth, yum. Barrio, double yum--I'm still fantasizing about the lemon curd waffles mounded with whipped cream. What about Relish (www.relishbarandgrill.com), at Woodbine & Danforth? Haven't been for brunch, but if their dinner's anything to go by, I'm sure it's amazing.

                                  1. I can't believe we all forgot about the Canary down on Cherry Street!! Talk about your quintessential diner, this is it. If anythings been blown up in a movie made in Toronto, it's been blown up in the Canary!!! You will usually find a couple tables of Toronto's finest, and a couple lighting guys and grips on break.

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                                      I can't believe that they are closing because the repairs to the Bayview extension have killed their weekday take in net.

                                    2. I haven't been there for brunch since it changed hands a couple of years ago, but Niagara Street Cafe had an amazing brunch.

                                      OOPS! Forgot that you're talking about the east end.

                                      1. Like other joints, it's been slagged before on these boards. But I remain a steadfast fan of Bonjour Brioche (Queen East, between Broadview and River). Tiny, cash only - and truly a special occasion breakfast joint.

                                        The pissaladiere is unlike any other breakfast dish you've ever had. The selection of quiches and other delicacies is excellent. My wife loves the rosti with smoked salmon. I've also had and very much enjoyed the French toast.

                                        Come for the homemade baguettes. Stay for the pastry.

                                        The service hovers between indiscriminate and atrocious. But then, you don't eat the service.

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                                          The food at Bonjour Brioche can be delicious. The baking is excellent (especially the almond croissants, lemon raspberry brioche, lemon tarts, macaroons, and breads). The prices are reasonable.

                                          The service, when it exists at all, is as you describe -- it can be both atrocious AND condescending. The place can also be excruciatingly uncomfortable. There are crowds lined up through the door at peak hours. Icy blasts blow through in the winter. With no other working ventilation, I've reeked of frying onions for the rest of the day. Le patron has a distaste of air conditioning and warm days can be unbearable (especially with an oven right in the dining room).

                                          There's a nice patio and it's heaven when they aren't busy on a beautiful summer day. But it's a zoo at peak times. We no longer go there for a weekend brunch since every time we did we vowed to never return.

                                          Note that they are actually located a couple of blocks east of Broadview, and just west of the railroad overpass.

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                                            Is this place not on the corner of Degrassi and Queen E., north end of Queen just before the Fish and Chips joint (I can't remember the name of it)? If so I have passed by it 100 times but looked very packed...

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                                              That's the place... agreed on comments above re: the service, but since we live around the corner we get takeout and enjoy their baked goods, sandwiches, tarts, etc at home. For people in the area it is definitely recommended over eating in.

                                            2. re: embee

                                              Quite right on the location. My apologies.

                                              My other complaint? The close quarters and hard chairs. For anyone larger than a size three, space constraints can hamper enjoyment.

                                              We generally go during off-peak times, like after 9 am on a weekday in November (it's our standing date location for a wedding anniversary breakfast).

                                              If you're going to read at the table, though, make it a magazine. Or a pocket novel. Anything larger and you'll be whacking your partner - and probably your neighbour - square in the face.

                                          2. I'm surprised no one's mentioned the Sunset Grill on Queen in the Beach, I think it's better than its sister location next to the bus terminal on Danforth. I have to admit that my guilty pleasure is a greasy spoon breakfast about one weekend a month a the Sunset.

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                                              Hmm... I've tried the Sunset Grill (both locations, Beach and Danforth) and found the food to be a bit ho-hum. The waffles were pretty good but nothing really stood out, its fine for a prototypical greasy spoon breakfast joint but I didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary. If I'm on the mood for that type of (hangover cure) greasy breakfast we usually hit The Tulip... and usually around 2pm at the earliest. :-)

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                                                the sunset grill at coxwell is awful........the staff are rude, the food is gross and the restauraunt is filthy.

                                                1. re: rayrayray

                                                  And you always stink like grease when leaving there (more so than anywhere else), no matter where you sit.

                                                  I agree the staff are rude.