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Jan 11, 2007 03:06 PM


Any great places for Ochazuke in the city?
Also, does anyone know whether Chiyono serves it?

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  1. Uminoie in EV serves up a nontraditional version with eel and fish broth (dashi). Untraditional but yummy!

    Standard Izakayas around the city serve standard versions also. Nothing too special to mention.

    You can make your own also either with instant ozhazuke packets (available at Sunrise Mart or any Japanese market) Or skip the packet, use good sencha, rice, broiled salmon pieces nori, goma, and a bit of wasabi.

    1. Thanks! What else would you recommend at Uminoie?

      1. THe kani-tama (crab omelette) is also good. I haven't had a bad dish there. Be sure to check out their vast selection of sho chu(japanese vodka).

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            sho-chu is japanese. soju is korean version of a beverage that is similar to sho-chu. I have had both.

            1. re: kayonyc

              You are right that Japan also now produces soju but the transliteration does not vary by nationality. Soju is to sho-chu as Busan is to Pusan.

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                My only point was that my recommended restaurant had a nice variety of sho-chu as well as good ochazuke. I don't wish to get into a discussion on the universe of sho-chu/soju on this particular thread. Perhaps on another board, another time.

        1. Kasadela in the East Village (11th St/Ave C) also serves ochazuke. Yum, comfort food!

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            Yes, Kasadela's ochazuke is excellent.



            1. re: Nosher

              Yup Kasadela's ochazuke is great, but the fried chicken is even better =)
              My friend decided that she doesn't want to leave midtown, preferably on the east side. Recommendations please!

          2. ebisu on e. 9th st btwn 1st ave and avenue a in the east village.