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Jan 11, 2007 03:01 PM


Can anyone tell me if there is somewhere in the USA to buy this great tuna from Italy.

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  1. Tre Torri is better (IMO). You can get it here:

    The "Ventresca" is the best of the three available. That's the belly meat.

    (Yes, I know it seems unbelievably expensive for canned tuna, but it really is spectacular stuff. And, the cans are nearly double the size of American tuna cans; 10.57 oz. vs. 6 oz. Still, sorta crazy price, huh? And yet, I buy it.)

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Hey andyman. Did you find a reliable U.S. sourceof Rio Mare tuna? I grabbed a four pack of Rio Mare Extra at a grocery store in Ventimiglia and I'm so sad that I only have one of my four cans left. I visited the recommended Web site, but didn't see Rio Mare.

        1. I'm surprised you can't find it in the states. You can find it almost everywhere over the border in Toronto, Canada.

          My question is : How do we know if it is really an italian product.

          1. I am so excited to hear that this is great tuna! I am in Egypt, and most of the tunas I have found here are mushy messes, so when I saw an Italian tuna in the supermarket, I got a 4 can pack. I then saw this post! Now I can't wait to try it.