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Jan 11, 2007 02:09 PM

Quick Review--Mastro's Ocean Club

Had a return visit to Mastro's Ocean Club last week and enjoyed the meal very much. Ordered Char, which was wonderful---perfectly prepared, moist and tasty. It was better than daughter's wild salmon, which was a bit bland. Husband had a steak--I think it was the bone-in ribeye this time, and he said it was good. Sides included their great snap peas, and starters were the chopped salad, and the house salad, which includes shrimp. Desserts were a bit disappointing this time..we made sure to leave room so we could enjoy some, but probably won't do that again as they have to be spectacular to assuage the guilt after a large meal! Had a great bottle of wine, and service was good. We were seated promptly, and waiter was attentive.

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