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Jan 11, 2007 01:47 PM

mexican grocery store?

I just got Rick Bayless's book, and all the ingredients are mexican and I have no idea where a good one is. I live in cambridge, and obviously closer is better, but i'm willing to drive. I know christina's in inman square has some of the stuff, but if anyone knows of a good mexican grocery store, i'd love to find out! Thanks!!!

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  1. La Internacional on Somerville Ave in Union Square, Somerville. They should have everything you need.

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      Agree. I think it's the best around.

    2. Hi Lo Grocery on Centre Street in JP is a latino grocery of a pretty good size. I wouldn't buy any meat there, but have bought lots of produce like plantains and yucca there and they were fine. They have a large selection of dried and fresh chilis, too. And a large selection of canned goods, more than just Goya........which is nice.

      I've also seen a limited selection of latino items at Super 88 in Allston.

      1. I think there's also one (there used to be, anyway) on that stretch of Harvard Ave in Allston btw Brighton Ave and Cambridge St. on the side where the Japanese bakery is...

        1. Thanks a ton! You know, I used to live in Union Square. I'm surprised I never dropped in!

          1. Moody Street in Waltham has several Latin American shops that sell a fair assortment of Mexican stuff. Also, surprisingly, Waltham India Market stocks an extensive selection including several kinds of dried chiles in bulk. The Indian clerk who rang me up got along fine in Spanish with the customer ahead of me. Cinco de Mayo tortillas, which somebody was looking for recently, are all over the place.

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              Hi Aromatherapy! We're heading to Cinco de Mayo in Chelsea Friday for lunch and to pick up some fresh corn tortillas. Have you been there? Any idea of a Latin market or Market Basket in the area?

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                There is a Market Basket located at 160 Everett Ave in Chelsea at the old Mystic Mall. Note: the Chelsea Market Basket is always crowded. It's right up the street from Floramo's which is also on Everett Ave.

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                  What a quick reply - thanks so much!