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Jan 11, 2007 01:23 PM

mill street brewpub

Has anyone been? If so, is it worthwhile?

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  1. Here is what I posted in November from another (much bigger) thread - perhaps someone can give us an update:

    on Nov 15, 2006 Cereal Killer replied

    All that talk about burgers had me heading out to Mill Street Pub last night for some beer and beef. I have to say, whoever is running that place really doesn't want any business.

    Website? Not updated. It doesn't even say the Pub is open (just says opening in the Fall), doesn't have a phone number (the number they have is for the head office), and when I did find the phone number (on a blog), nobody answered the phone (both times i called).

    That said, my GF insisted it was open, so off we went.

    I had the sirloin burger with sweet potato fries (a la Bruce from Sydney). The GF had the burger with Swiss (with onion rings) and my buddy had the meatloaf and mashed potatoes with tankhouse gravy. I also managed to get down the ESB and the Stock Ale, plus taste the Organic and the Porter.

    We also finished off with the beer ice cream and a cheesecake.

    The beers were excellent. The food servings were very generous. The meatloaf got a good review but got finished off before I could taste it. My sirloin burger was above average, but nothing special. The sweet potato fries were very good. The Swiss burger was average and the onion rings were average. The cheesecake was NOT a baked cheesecake despite what the server told us, and the beer ice cream was pretty damn good (although more of an "ice" than an ice "cream".

    All in all, I prefer the burgers at Utopia on College, especially the lamb burger with goat cheese. Mmmmmm.

    1. That posting came from this thread where others had some comments on Mill Street as well.


      1. been twice now to drop in for a nibble and a sip.

        first time around we pretty much tested out every beer we could on the list (they provide free little samples, but beware that the waiter seems to stand there and wait until you're done to run off with the remnants) and i was pleasantly surprised. i've tried the coffee porter, organic and the regular before to be absolutely disappointed in canadian microbrew. however! their whit and ipa seemingly only at the brewpub are great! i'm waiting to try out the helles boch (k?) that they keep telling me will show up. no fruit beers are available right now as they're seasonal.

        first time around all we got was the pulled pork sandwich. just to test it out we got their peach bbq sauce on the side for dipping. there was a small pile of meat for the amount of onion bun, but it was only slightly moist and tasted very porky. it's oven done so no smokey flavour really came out of it and it didn't seem to be spiced. the bbq sauce was actually pretty nice though and complimented very well. coleslaw your typical mayo variety although rather fresh.

        second time around we checked out a football game (on their many many large flat panel screens) on a monday and happened upon their 1/2 price appetizer night with purchase of beverage. we got about 2lbs of leek, garlic, sausage mussels for $4.50 (remember the half pricing), an order of sweet potato frites with a flavoured mayo dip... the flavour escaping my memory right now $3, and 2lbs of wings spicy style with a helluva lot of carrot and celery stick for about $9.90.

        every single shell of my mussels were open and stuffed with a plump morsel. they didn't soak up much of the sauce so i let it stew a little. there was easily 1/2 of a delicious fennel sausage cut up into it. some of them however weren't the freshest tasting. the mussels also came with a nice cone of great square cut fries, except that they seemed to have forgotten to salt them. the sweet potato frites were excellent. even cold they were just fantastic, but i think they're expensive at regular price as it didn't feel like we had too much beyond a small smattering to pick at. maybe my dining companion was just eating them quicker than me. the wings were spicy, but in a way that was different yet familiar. they weren't particular juicy, but not very dry either... very middle ground. not sure if i would eat those again.

        the place was practically empty except for about 3 or 4 small groups of people. one being staff/friends. i think that once the business picks up, freshness won't be an issue and they'll churn out food a little quicker (it took a bit of time to receive our food order). i really like the atmosphere currently. large metal casks are the backdrop for the bar section and the dining area is filled with tables and comfortable booths in a nice yet casual bar setting. service was generally very friendly and helpful. the first time it was incredibly attentive but the second time around it was a touch less so.

        to end my longwinded-ness... it's essentially in my neighbourhood, a short drive/ttc ride away and i think it's now on my list of neighbourhood favourites.

        1. One thing to be aware of, Mill Street has moved their large-scale brewing operation (for bottles & kegs) to somewhere in the 905 (Markham, methinks). The beers they brew at the brewpub are done onsite, and are for the brewpub alone. Owing to that, the beers at the pub might be a bit different than the ones from their larger operation.

          I've been to the brewpub once for appetizers and a couple of beers, and I do like it. Though, it's quite a bike/TTC jaunt from where I live, so I don't see myself heading there that often.

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            Are they actually brewing on-site now? When a few of us visited soon after they opened, the on-site equipment didn't seem to be operational, and someone I know who visited around the same time was told that a particular beer he wanted was out and they were waiting for more to be "dropped off", suggesting that it was being brewed out at the new location in Scarborough.

            At the very least, I expect that their main brands (Tankhouse, Coffee Porter, Stock Ale & Organic Lager) will be brewed at the larger location with kegs sent down to the brewpub, while the on-site equipment will be used for beers that are exclusive to the brewpub. They just don't have the set-up down there to brew 8-10 different beers on a regular basis.

          2. Ben and I went this evening after a long week at work. By the end of the day, I couldn't wait to take that first sip of stout. We both love the distillery district and were hoping that we wouldn't be disappointed, after some of the so-so posts on this board.
            Since we are very familiar with the brews that Mill St sells in the stores, we ordered some newer ones. First round was the Cobblestone Stout and Helles Bock. We munched on some brewer's bread as we sipped that down.
            We both ordered the prime rib burger, one w/ regular fries, the other w/ sweet potato fries. The burger and fries were very tasty - our only complaint was that the burgers were obviously pre-formed. Didn't taste frozen but we both prefer our burgers a little less compact.
            As we ate our burgers and watched the Raptors on their many HDTV LCD televisions, we ordered another round, this time trying the IPA and ESB. Both seemed to taste rather similar to Tankhouse (and to each other for that matter) so not sure if it was a mistake on the waiter's end, a miscommunication, or if they really just taste and look alike.
            The staff was really friendly, the atmosphere very comfortable, and definitely worth the drive down from North York.
            We'll definitely be back soon to try some of their other brews. Can't wait to find them at the Beer Store or LCBO!

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              what are they prices like there for their food?