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Fresh Garlic Turning Blue/Green when baked??

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So I made a white pizza the other night, chopped 2 cloves of garlic in the food processor & sprinkled on the pie. I baked it for 10 minutes on 450 as the pizza crust instructions said. When i took it out, they minced garlic became a shade of blue green sprinkled throughout my pretty white pie :( Apparently when my husband re-heated a slice, it became more blue-green according to him.

Any ideas why this happened or if it's normal?

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  1. It is normal, it means your garlic is quite fresh and just a touch immature. The sulfur has found some copper to react with, making copper sulphate, which is very blue. It's safe to eat.

    Blanching the garlic - like anything else, quickly heat, say 30 seconds in boiling water and cool in ice water - would probably prevent this. I suppose a quick saute would work just as well, might be more appropriate.

    Some sources recommend using a canning salt, rather than iodized, as well.

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      I thought copper sulfate was pretty bad to ingest...kinda a poison?

    2. I sautee my garlic in olive oil until it becomes almost translucent....this usually keeps it from turning blue/green.
      A throw in a dash of Kosher salt...this will help enhance the flavor!

        1. Garlic can turn blue/green when exposed to acidic ingredients.

          1. wow, who knew? Thanks for all of your insight and the other links!

            1. This is so cool -- I've seen purplish skins on some garlic but never knew it could actually turn blue. Is there any way to make this happen if, for example, I wanted to turn pasta in garlic/oil sauce a nifty shade?

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                You wouldn't want to do that (LOL) . It's not appealing

              2. The same incident also happend with me ,i kept garlic open for one hour it turned pure blue ,i wondered by seeing this,i dint know how it happened?if anybody can give the answer please reply