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Jan 11, 2007 12:29 PM

BROOKLYN: Rec's for a group of 7

OK - coming into the city to take Mom, sis and her brood to a matinée - was thinking about staying in the city to eat afterwards - but hubby says I should put them all back in the car and head over to Brooklyn for a change . Not that he has any other ideas other than that - , but he has heard allot of good things about the restaurants popping up there in the last couple of years.

So thats where you all come in: group is 7 with 2 tweenies (9 &13) not fussy but not particularly adventurous either. Mom does not handle seafood all that well (although she loves it - I am not going there with her).

I don't know if there are any "fun" menus for kids over there - like I was thinking fondue back on the city side -

Also - -will have the car - so please don't send us to a place where it is impossible to park on a early Sat evening - probably would be getting ove there around 5:30 or 6.

also - I am driving and really not all that familiar with Brooklyn as I am Manhattan - - so, please don't send me somewhere that is difficult to find - -I will Mapquest it for sure - but when you think about how to get there from the Bridge, be kind.......the only place I have ever driven to over there was Torres Choc store......

Oh and thanks!

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  1. Tons of options. For easy access I would suggest Williamsburg (just over the Manhattan bridge) or the Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill/Carroll Gardens/DUMBO areas (just over the Brooklyn Bridge), Park Slope (easy access off the Manhattan Bridge). I don't know about parking in Williamsburg, but should be pretty easy in the other neighhborhoods considering your early evening timing.

    There are so many options, do you have any cuisines in mind?

    1. Your request will be answered in the order received. Please be patient.

      1. Something memorable and fun for the kids

        Not your typical run of the mill place but don't want to break the bank either
        Maybe something ethnic european? or a fun space with decent choice of foods for the adults and the kids.
        Adults are open to all cuisines - but I think I would like to stay away from Asian this trip; Italian might be ok if it has a memorable "family" atmosophere; Irish style pub ok; spanish? BBQ?

        1. Try Pete's Downtown, located in Brooklyn across the street from the River Cafe. Solid food, fantastic views, reasonable prices. Ask to be seated up front by the windows. Best to make a reservation.

          Check put the link below.


          1. Maybe Chip Shop on Atlantic would be fun for the kids. About as authentic brit foods as you'll get in the area. And mom can avoid fish with shephard's pie or sausage & chips.