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Jan 11, 2007 12:20 PM

Molly's Shebeen

Shebeen keeps popping up on my lists from time to time.
I am in the city this weekend and maybe I would put this on my list of new places to eat if I could get some recent feedback on cost vs quality. Best time to drop in and eat without hitting crowds, etc....

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  1. It's a bar with sawdust on the floor. Bartender/waitstaff very nice. Burgers are gigantic and taste-wise among the best in the city. Fish and chips are also good but I prefer the onion rings to fries. My husband loves the Irish pub sausage which comes entombed in a casserole of mashed potatoes They are most crowded on Thurs-Sat night but I've never had to wait at all on other nights. It's not cheap cheap but I consider it a good value.

    1. The food is great and the prices are generally in line with pub prices. I have always gone in for a late lunch or early dinner, mostly on the weekends, and have never had to wait for a table. The best burger in the city, in my opinion.

      1. Molly's is about as comfortable as a pub can get. Be sure to shake the bartender's hand when you arrive then grab a seat near the fireplace.

        Here's a link so you can check out the menu and (modest) prices:

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          The prices on the menu on the website are WAY OFF. I was there last night, cheeseburger is $10, beers are $6.

        2. I also think that Molly's has a great burger - and always cooked perfectly to order. Along with a Guinness and onion rings, an unbeatable combo.

          And, don't forget the wonderful fireplace!

          Monday-Thursday afternoons or eves are best.

          1. I've had the burger there, it was good. Cozy little space.

            How's the rest of the food? The Irish veal (or was it lamb?) stew and the Shepard's Pie sound good...

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            1. re: janethepain

              it's lamb and i really like it. just had it a week ago.

              also of note, they have murphy's stout on draft, which i prefer to guinness. that's hard to find!