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Jan 11, 2007 08:06 AM

Where to go for family lunch/brunch SF

any suggestions for a whole family of chowhounds party of 10 all adults for dads 77th lunch brunch on sunday. family style?

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  1. An old San Francisco tradition is brunch at the Palace Court in the Palace Hotel, Market Street at New Montgomery.

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    1. re: Otts

      Palace Court IS an old SF tradition and very nice atmosphere but the Palace Court IS NOT "chowhound quality" food. Its mediocre to average at best. I would never recommend PC to a group of people that are in search of really great food.

    2. The Ritz jazz brunch (it is a buffet) is terrific and has enough variety to please most.

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      1. re: Ian F

        The Ritz brunch is regularly voted best brunch.

        They serve numerious luxury foods. While it is excellent, the last time I went it was $70 per person without alcohol.

        If that's something you can afford, I say go for it!

        1. re: larochelle

          Regularly voted by whom? I can't find any detailed reports on it here, only vague mentions, mostly second-hand or theoretical.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I was referring to the "awards" list on the link I previously provided, not to chowhound. Chowhound does not have a voting function or publish a "Best" list.

            I have been to the brunch. I completely agree with my many friends who have recommended it - it is wonderful. Because of the luxury foods provided, the freshness of the food and the on-point preparation, I would say that it is the best quality buffet I have ever eaten at in my life. The food, atmosphere and service make it, in my experience, one of the highest quality breakfasts available in San Francisco.

            The menu changes but on my visit I was most impressed with the freshness and excellence of the fish and beef.

            If someone is seeking variety and excellence and is willing to pay for it, The Ritz Terrace brunch is an easy answer.

            That said, at $70 a head, I am not likely to go back. I'm happy with the $9 green chilaquiles at Puerto Allegre.

            1. re: larochelle

              It is expensive. I went because I had a gift certificate. They do include one glass of champagne or Kir Royale or something similar.

              It is also a place you can linger for some time if that is your preference. I noticed a number of couples reading their Sunday paper between visits to the buffet. The Jazz group was also quite good.

      2. Capp's Corner does old-school North Beach family-style.

        1. how about this place called suppenkuche
          they do a brunch/lunch tile 2:30 on sunday
          german dishes and german beer, dad is german any body eaten there/ capps corner is a good idea we are going to Beach blanket after, but is the food there really food?

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          1. re: chefkevo

            I love Suppenkuche, but they do not take reservations and a party of 10 would require a very long wait I suspect.

          2. I've heard reports that Home restaurant (Church and Market) has a really good weekend brunch these days. I've only been there for dinner. My dad has switched from Absinthe's and Luna Park's brunches to Home's brunch with his friends, so it can't be that bad!

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            1. re: Sebby

              I go to brunch at home on a regular basis. I highly reccomend it. The burger there is the best I've had in San Francisco, always medium-rare as ordered. There are 3$ make your own bloody's that are a lot of fun. And extras like really good lemon and chocolate breads brought to each table. Also very resonable, most item are $9.