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Jan 11, 2007 07:06 AM

Kado - New Japanese in Farmer's Market

Went tonight to Kado, a new Japanese place in the Farmer's Market. It's been open for three weeks. I will be going back.

There are two separate sections. One side is a sushi bar. The other side is a larger restaurant with a conventional bar and then a large Benihaha-style teppan section. You can order sushi in any section and they'll bring it to you. I think you can order certain hot foods in the sushi bar section, too.

We went for teppanyaki. The menu is similar to Benihana but I thought the food was substantially better. The chefs put on a more elaborate show, too. The prices seemed slightly higher than my last Benihana experience but that was some time ago.

I had the shrimp, which was excellent. My date had scallops and also ordered a few pieces of sushi, which she liked tremendously but felt was a bit overpriced. (She thinks that about 80% of the places where she has sushi.) The meals included miso soup, a surprisingly elaborate salad, rice and the customary veggies. For $2 extra, I upgraded to the fried rice that the chef makes right in front of you and it was well worth the extra bucks. Dinner for two, which included one beer, came to around $60.

Service was fine and the room is very nice.

Kado is located on the second level of a section on the east side of Farmer's Market, over on the side that faces The Grove. It is probably important to note that it's part of Farmer's Market so you can park in the Farmer's Market lot and get a validation. This matters since at night, it's tough to park in the lot for The Grove and easy to park for Farmer's Market, especially if you go into the lot on the north side of the Market. So if you go there, do not even try to park in the structure for The Grove. Parking there is difficult and Kado doesn't validate for that structure.

Like I said, I'll be going back.

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    1. I was invited to the soft opening of Kado as my friends was a sushi chef there (but no longer, as she only recieved an average of $50 a *week* out of the pooled tips). Now mind you, they were offering only a very limited selection of items (and the meal was free) but we were still overall dissatisfied with the meal. The sushi rice was bland, bland, bland. The fish was mediocre to dry to chewy. We did have a shrimp salad entree that was not too bad. However for what would have been an $80 meal, I'd rathe go to little tokyo and pay $30 for less "scene" with much better quality.

      Mr Taster

      1. In this neck of the woods, the question becomes "How does it compare to Hirozen?"

        1. The original comment has been removed