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Where to buy Filtropa coffee filters?

Chipotle Jan 11, 2007 06:54 AM

Has anyone seen a local source for Filtropa brand coffee filters, or "Aroma Brown," which is also theirs, I believe? I haven't seen it at any of the major chains, and I've just bought a somewhat over-the-top coffee maker (a Technivorm) that I'd like to be able find good paper filters for.

I should clarify "local" to say that I'm in the South Bay and work on the Peninsula, although traveling into the East Bay isn't (much) of a problem.

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    SteveG Jan 11, 2007 07:52 PM

    I think I buy my Aroma Brown/Filtropas at Rainbow Grocery.

    1. Robert Lauriston Jan 11, 2007 04:50 PM

      Trader Joe's unbleached filters seem to me to be identical to the more expensive Filtropas I used to buy.

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        chipman Jan 11, 2007 03:46 PM

        You will be very happy with your purchase. Here is your source for http://sweetmarias.com/prod.brewers.shtmleverything you will ever need to fill your coffee needs.


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        1. re: chipman
          Emily Hope Jan 11, 2007 05:09 PM

          Also, one of the nice things about Sweet Maria's is that they're local--their warehouse is in Oakland, and you can arrange to pick your items up there, rather than pay for shipping. (Of course, coming from the South Bay, this probably wouldn't save you any money, but if you are going to the East Bay for something else, you can place an order to pick up while you're over there.)

          1. re: chipman
            Chipotle Jan 11, 2007 06:05 PM

            Sweet Maria's is where I bought the Technivorm from. :) I'm mostly checking to see if there's a non mail-order source I can find 'round the area. (AFAIK, Sweet Maria's isn't open on the weekends, so I can't go there and pick up filters directly, although I suppose if I get back into home coffee roasting I can sneak a box of filters in with an order from them.)

          2. s
            stevebookman Jan 11, 2007 11:59 AM

            Capricorn Coffees:

            Toll Free: 1-800-541-0758
            Local: 415-621-8500
            Fax: 415-621-9875

            353 10th St. (between Folsom and Harrison streets)
            San Francisco. Ca. 94103


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