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Leftover whipped cream

What do you do with a large bowl of sweetened whipped cream? Accidentally whipped way too much and when I ran out of M&Ms - great with whipped cream - I didn't know what to do as it is way too hot to bake anything.

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  1. Put it in a sealed container and it will keep for a couple of days. Make something that you want to put whipped cream on. Like lemon tart or chocolate pudding.

    If it is that hot, you an do microwave pudding in a cup. Very easy, just google for it.

    Lemon curd is very refreshing when it is hot.

    1. keep whipping and turn it into butter..

      1. If you have any cookies, even oreos, crush them and mix it up. Let it sit overnight.

        1. Use it in coffee to replace milk.

          1. How about some fresh berry parfaits? If you whip the cream with a little mascarpone cheese, it will keep longer and it's also delish.

            1. Come on you need a suggestion with left over whipped cream.

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                  Yes, this is reminding me of the time somebody posted a worried what-to-do query about having tons of ripe mangos---I guess they had a tree---we northern city folks who pay $3 per mango were stunned that a rare treat could become such a problem. So, just add the whipped cream to your coffee and pretend you're being decadent in Vienna.

              1. Make or buy a pound cake or sponge cake and serve the cream with.

                1. If you have a pastry bag you can pipe the whipped cream out into individual "dollops" and freeze these. I've heard they're great in coffee, or even just as a dessert topping once they thaw slightly. I find that about 5 seconds after I throw out leftover whipped cream I come up with some sort of amazing use for it and regret trashing of the cream. I also second the idea of mixing in crushed cookies--preferably oreos. I make a cake filling that is basically whipped cream and crushed cookies and it is amazing. Good luck!

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                    can't believe I didn't think of it, but so glad for inspiration. had a New Year's Day brunch, whipped cream among the leftovers so got online for ideas. I love "ice box cake" - the cake from childhood (mine, at least) made from Nabisco Famous Wafers and whipped cream - a simple, delicious treat. I also had leftover gingersnaps so made an ice box cake using those. I expect it to be delicious and will serve when some girlfriends come over for tea in a couple of days. thanks!!

                  2. insert spoon, fill, eat :)

                    1. Irish coffee for me!