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Jan 11, 2007 05:12 AM

BLT Steak or The Post House

I'm a loyal Luger patron BUT we're in the city for the week and want to try one of the "Not so high profile steak houses" (Sparks, S&W, Old Homestead) The 2 extremes I think would be the extablished Post House and BLT Steak. With one to pick, which one should it be. Thanks

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  1. Give BLT a shot- it is definitely a new style of Anti-Luger. And is probably my favorite of the BLT "Empire."

    Post House I haven't been to in ages...I seem to remember it being very well rounded in an old-school way but don't recall how the steaks stack up.


    1. I love all the BLT editions, and Laurent Tourondel (the LT in BLT) did a highly successful overhaul of Brasserie Ruhlmann, where I had dinner just after Christmas--glorioso! But you can't go wrong at BLT Steak.