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Does Salumeria Italiana have good Bufala Mozzarella?

Ive only had one brand Salvatore Corso and I loved it dont want to shell out that much cash for something im not going to like. They have a good price for it 12 bucks for 2 balls which is what corso was

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  1. Well, if it's imported it's probably not worth it, since the whole point of mozzarella that you shell $$ for is to eat it within a day or two of it's having been made, hardly likely for imported stuff. A great example of where local is better, even if it's lacking cache.

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      Actually, Karl S., Salumeria Italiana gets their bufala mozzarella every day or two from Italy, so it's still pretty darn fresh. Here's the info:


    2. Have you tried Formaggio Kitchen? I agree about the importance of fresh mozzarella, but I believe Formaggio gets regular air shipments of mozzarella from Italy. I don't remember it being as good as the mozzarella at a typical Tuscan focacceria, but it's worth a shot. I have not tried Salumeria Italiana's, but everything else I've bought there has been very good.

      1. Whole foods carries it; not sure if it's imported or domestic. I've had one great experience, and one pretty bad experience, so you'll definitely want to check the sell-by date.

        Nominally cheaper: 4 or 5 bucks for one mozzarella.

        1. J Pace's in the North End and Saugus carry bufala.

          1. im not asking who carries it I wanna know if its good, and im not going to fomaggio kitchen and paying 10 bucks for a 4 oz ball

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            1. Concord Cheese Shop has a woman who makes it at the store in the summer and it's sooo delicious! I know this probably doesn't help but I'm sure other local places do the same thing perhpas year round.

              I am not a fan of mozzarella and when I ate it in Italy, it was nothing like what we have here. In Italy it's very creamy and just melts in your mouth!

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                Are you sure she makes mozzarella di bufala? Where does she get fresh water buffalo milk?

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                  Water buffalo milk is available in Vermont from Woodstock Water Buffalo Company.
                  Their Buffalo Mozzarella is very good, but I'm more fond of the water buffalo yogurt. It almost taste like your eating cheesecake.

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                    As well it should - my boss was enjoying a cup of the yogurt but kind of freaked at the fat content. According to the website above, the 6-ounce cups have 9 to 12 grams of fat, except for the low-fat plain. That's some rich milk!

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                      Do they really sell milk, though? Perusing your link I can only find references to their mozzarella and yogurt.

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                        I agree, their mozzarella and yogurt are both excellent.

                  2. I don't think they sell milk through retail channels, but they may sell it to cheesemakers. I'm not sure, you would have to call them.
                    We visited this place a couple years ago when we toured a bunch of Vermont cheesemakes. We didn't get to talk to anyone in the know here, but we got to try and buy some cheese and yogurt.