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Jan 11, 2007 04:09 AM

Left over jambalaya

Anything intersting to do with leftover jambalaya?

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  1. I've made a breakfast side with leftover risotto. I formed patties with the rice, dusted with flour and seared both sides in a non-stick pan until a crust formed. Served with a poached egg, sausage and bacon. Very good.

    1. Make a soup out of it. Take a good chicken stock/broth, thicken it a tad if you like, then stir in the jambalaya. It's got a lot of ingredients that go into soup anyway. Toss in some fresh herbs or start off sweating a few veggies to give it whatever extra flavor you might want.

      You could even use a cream base for this perhaps.

      1. Use it as stuffing for turkey or chicken.

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        1. re: Bostonbob3

          That sounds great---jambalaya stuffed chicken breast wrapped in proscuitto???

          1. re: gyp7318

            Oh yeah! No need to stop with a just chicken when it can be wrapped in proscuitto. Great idea.

            And maybe top it with a fresh slice of bufala mozzarella? And strew some tasso around the whole thing...

            Oh God, I'm drooling on my arm.

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              Wow, that sounds pretty darn good

        2. I wish I had leftover jambalaya now! :)

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          1. re: gyp7318

            Think I might make another batch just to try all these good ideas!
            Thanks Folks