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Jan 11, 2007 03:57 AM

Waltham - Vitoria's Brazilian Buffet

My husband and I stopped in for dinner on our way from Lexington to Newton. It's a small storefront on Newton Street with the buffet & grill on one side and the dining room up three stairs on the other. It was a pleasant, neighborhood family restaurant. The food, at $5.49/pound, was good, and there was enough variety of salads, starches and protein to make a hearty meal. They have a dessert menu, but only a couple of things were available tonight. We shared a tangy passionfruit mousse and a flan. All in all, a nice quick meal if you're in the neighborhood, but not a destination.

There were people sitting at the bar opposite the buffet, so I guess they have beer & wine, but I wasn't really paying attention to that feature.

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  1. Where on Newton st. is this? Is it near Casa Mia (if it's still there)? And are there enough veggies to make it worthwhile to go with my veggie wife. Thanks

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      It is in the former Casa Mia location. Casa Mia moved to Moody Street, and is re-opening soon under the new name "Biagio". A friend of mine worked on some of the interior design and it is supposed to be quite "over the top" glitzy!

    2. The address is 229 Newton St., right in that area.

      The veggies were basic salad ingredients, lettuce, carrots, some other shredded greens, cauliflower, not a huge variety. There were the usual rice, mashed potatoes, two kinds of beans - black and reddish, and some noodles. There were some fish fillets that looked like they'd been around a while. I did not partake.

      I think a vegetarian could have a problem putting together a solid meal beyond that.

      1. Casa Mia will now be opeing as Biagio next week at some point, much better location with parking on Restaurant Row (Moody St). Not sure how this Brazillian place is going to survive here in Waltham......I dont see it lasting too long.

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          Obviously no guarantees, but I would not underestimate them. Brazilian restaurants for the most part make money on selling $7 fixed-price lunch boxes to Brazilians and after-church or sunday outing weekend visitors, not so much the american lunch or dinner crowd. And often they can do this skimping on the quality, once they have been in business a bit. The owner of Vitoria's has been able to keep Via Latino the Brazilian store in Waltham open for a number of years, despite having very little in stock -- their bread and butter is money transfers, phone cards, shipping boxes to brazil, and things that are missed. There is a pretty good sized Brazilian community in Waltham and Watertown, with no other local options. So they could certainly stay in business simply with business from that community.

        2. With Brighton and Framingham so close with a much larger Brazilian community, I would rather go there. Parking on Newton Street isnt that great, but perhaps in that neighborhood people would walk there.