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Jan 11, 2007 03:27 AM

To truss or not to truss?

I was just reading Thomas Keller's roast chicken recipe that someone posted earlier (thank you!) and saw that he highly recommends trussing the chicken and states the various reasons why. I never do, didn't think it really mattered, but now I'm reconsidering. Do other CHs out here normally truss, and do you notice the difference in the end product?

Here's the recipe, BTW:

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  1. Never truss any more. I read Keller's reasons and it still doesn't make sense.
    Seems to me that holding the dark meat together would make it cook more slowly and the white meat would overcook, the biggest problem in roasting fowl well.
    So, the chicken doesn't look picture perfect. Big deal. It tastes great.

    1. I truss. BTW those silicone food loops are great. They can go into the dishwasher and be used over and over again. Now if I could find a 2 lb. chicken. 3lbs seems to be the smallest I can get.

      1. I rarely do a "full truss" but often tie the legs together.

        1. CIA recos trussing for a moister bird - why don't you get too small birds and cook them side by side - one trussed, one untrussed.

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            Good idea, and the "loser" gets made into chicken salad. :)

          2. I only truss with that recipe if I've got guests. I will say, though, that I recently ordered quail at a restaurant that arrived untrussed, limbs akimbo, and it made me laugh out loud.