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Nuts!: Cashews, Almonds, and Walnuts

Other than Dean & Deluca and Zabar's/Eli's, are there specialty nut shops that sell jumbo whole, unsalted cashews, etc? Seeking the best lose nuts. Please advise. Thanks!

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  1. The Whole Foods in Union Square has a nut bar where they sell loose nuts by the pound. Not sure about other locations.

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      Unfortunately, these all look like they're sugared, salted, and/or spiced.

    2. Thanks, that's right. Too bad Eli's gigantic, whole cashews are so expensive. Trader Joe's has great packaged nuts. Wish there were nut factories just like we have candy stores and ice cream shops.

      1. try bazzini on greenwich st. They have lots of nuts and such.

        1. Bazzini Bazzini Bazzini - all the way!

          1. Kaluystan's in Curry Hill has a great nut and dried fruit selection.

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                Thank you!! Any relation to the "Sweet Life Cafe" on Christopher? This place seems ab fab. It's amazing how much good food the LES has. Dark chocolate-covered cashew bark here I come!

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                  I am not familiar with Sweet Life Cafe, but I sort of doubt that they are related. I have been going to the Sweet Life for years -- a really charming candy store with great, fresh dried fruits and nuts. I haven't been able to visit the LES since I had a kid and gave up my car, I miss it.

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                    Don't blame you. In my humble opinion, for less pretentious fare, the LES has some of the best food options in NYC. Can you hire a babysitter?

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                  i second the sweet life. i've found their nuts to be very fresh, tasty, and well-priced.

                3. That's right, Bazzini's is great, although they don't sell unsalted lose nuts. Thanks for the reminder. Will also try Kaluystan's. What's the cross St.?

                  1. Sahadi's on Atlantice Ave near Court St. station in Brooklyn has great prices on loose nuts.

                    1. Economy Candy on Rivington St.

                      1. Thanks folks-- 2 new places to try! My goal is to find a jumbo, unsalted cashew that tastes like Eli's sans the pretentious price.

                        1. Nuts go off quickly, particularly walnuts and pecans. I've learned to buy a pound or so and keep them in the freezer. I keep a small plastic container out for noshing or scattering over cold cereal, but most of the time they work fine out of the freezer.

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                            Thanks for the tips. Too bad I lack adequate freezer space. The price you pay for a cramped 'affordable' Manhattan studio. Besides, I try to limit myself to 1/4 lb per encounter so I don't go overboard.

                          2. If you are anywhere near brooklyn, Sahadi's has a great selection of nuts (and dried fruit, beans, spices, and coffee) for very cheap. It's on Atlantic Avenue below Court street.
                            Trader Joe's is ok for packaged nuts. I also like Westerly in HK for their organic selection (though not super cheap).