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Jan 11, 2007 03:17 AM

Ipoh kuey teow in Singapore

This was soooo good.

Not sure whether it was authentic Ipoh style, or modified Singapore version. I think the restaurant may have had both the soup version and a dry version. Fat kuey teow noodles so perfectly cooked - velvety, slippery, almost creamy, goodness. Unless I am remembering a wrong dish, it had giant prawns in it. The noodles were entirely white with very little seasoning. Served in a deep dish rather than a bowl, and I think the dish was white as well. Any of the details could be wrong, I am trying to remember as much as I can.

It was the early 80's. I had this dish several times. I seem to remember stopping here before going to the downtown MPH. When I look up MPH now, at least 2 addresses show up downtown (252 North Bridge Road & One Raffles Link), and I remember only one, and I don't know which one!

Does anyone remember this place? Can you help me clarify my memory? I'd be forever indebted.

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  1. I hope I am not steering you wrong.... I lived in Singapore a long long time ago. You brought back fond memories of Ipoh hor fun/Ipoh kway teow at a kopi tiam called Lee Tong Kee. Googled a few variations and found this. Its more upscale now...
    Nonetheless, if this not be the shop of your dreams, I think one can find Ipoh Hor Fun in many places in Singapore (and at different price points). There are also many websites and forums in Singapore which revolve around food. Hope this helps.

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      Thank you!

      I cannot recall the exterior at all. The white tableware look vaguely familiar.

      In any case, with your help, I found a picture of Ipoh Hor Fun which looks very much like the dish I had. I don’t remember any strips of chicken, and kway teow was wider.

      If you had this dish, you can probably understand why I crave it even now.