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Jan 11, 2007 03:04 AM

Where can I find Elderflower syrup?

NOPA makes a delicious Elderflower Gimlet and I want to try making it at home. Thanks

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  1. Do you have an Ikea near you? Our Ikea in San Dieo has Elderflower syrup.

    1. wow IKEA I would of never thought of that. Thanks

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      1. re: Lori SF

        I've bought it before at their Emeryville location.

        1. re: alag

          Ditto. I think I remember the party when we were mixing Ikea Elderflower with vodka. It was pretty good.

      2. Pretty sure I saw it recently at Lehr's German Specialties. 1581 Church St. @ 28th Street. San Francisco

        1. I bought some of that heavenly substance of Dean & Deluca here in NYC. But I suppose the closest D & D to your neck of the woods is in St. Helena

          1. I can confirm that the Ikea in Emeryville has elderberry flower concentrate as of today, 13 Jan. Now for the fun to experiment how best to make an elderflower gimlet with it. It doesn't have the nice lavendar hue that NOPA's has, alas.

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            1. re: adampaul

              fantastic thanks for the update. I will run in and run out of IKEA to get some. Be sure to use fresh lime juice too. Cheers

              1. re: Lori SF

                I would never consider the sacrilege that is bottled lime juice for any purpose, much less a cocktail! :)

                In case it's of use to folks, here's a SFGate article on gimlets, including a basic recipe: