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Where can I find Elderflower syrup?

NOPA makes a delicious Elderflower Gimlet and I want to try making it at home. Thanks

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  1. Do you have an Ikea near you? Our Ikea in San Dieo has Elderflower syrup.

    1. wow IKEA I would of never thought of that. Thanks

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        I've bought it before at their Emeryville location.

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          Ditto. I think I remember the party when we were mixing Ikea Elderflower with vodka. It was pretty good.

      2. Pretty sure I saw it recently at Lehr's German Specialties. 1581 Church St. @ 28th Street. San Francisco

        1. I bought some of that heavenly substance of Dean & Deluca here in NYC. But I suppose the closest D & D to your neck of the woods is in St. Helena

          1. I can confirm that the Ikea in Emeryville has elderberry flower concentrate as of today, 13 Jan. Now for the fun to experiment how best to make an elderflower gimlet with it. It doesn't have the nice lavendar hue that NOPA's has, alas.

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              fantastic thanks for the update. I will run in and run out of IKEA to get some. Be sure to use fresh lime juice too. Cheers

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                I would never consider the sacrilege that is bottled lime juice for any purpose, much less a cocktail! :)

                In case it's of use to folks, here's a SFGate article on gimlets, including a basic recipe:


            2. So yesterday I picked up one bottle each of elderflower and lingonberry concentrate at Ikea in Emeryville. After a little experimenting, the following ratios worked out to our taste:

              1.5 parts vodka or gin, .5 part concentrate, and .5 part fresh lime juice, shaken over ice, strained into a martini glass and served with a lime twist.

              You can mix and match the alchohol and concentrate with interesting results. LoriSF was pleased with the vodka/elderflower, even if it wasn't exactly NOPA's drink. I don't normally like fruity cocktails, but I really enjoyed the gin/lingonberry combo. Regardless, it was a fun monday happy hour!

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                I'm pretty sure anyone using elderflower in their cocktails is using St. Germain, the elderflower liqueur, rather than an elderflower simple syrup. Not inexpensive however, $36/bottle @ BevMo.

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                    Why would you assume that? The stuff at Ikea is great in cocktails, and is non-alcoholic. They don't sell alcohol at Ikea.

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                      I meant for any drinks served at a bar. It's a commonly used spirit in many of the good cocktail bars in the city. Since OP wants to recreate the drink at NOPA, using the spirit instead of the simple syrup may give her the results she wants.

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                        The original post is from 2007, when St. Germain was a hot new thing among mixologists and not as well known or easy to find retail as today. That's probably what NOPA was using. And St. Germain is definitely an ingredient that will cause people to way, wow, what is that flavor?

                  2. Berkeley Bowl carries a number of syrups, including elderflower.

                    1. Rainbow Grocery also has an excellent range. They stock several from d'Arbo, including Elderflower.

                      1. I just saw some at Mocca, the French deli style restaurant in Maiden Lane in Union Square.