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Jan 11, 2007 03:02 AM

good recipe for Korean jap chae

We have family friends who are Korean, and so I've eaten some Korean food all my life. One of my favorite things they used to bring to dinners was jap chae, but for some reason I never thought to get the recipe.

REcently I got a new cookbook (CIA's one dish meals) and there was a recipe for jap chae, so I tried it. But it didn't come out at all like Mrs. Han's. The last step in this recipe was to toss the noodles & stuff with a beaten egg, which just made it gooey and nasty, and Mrs. Han never did that.

So, here's my question: anyone out there have a good recipe for jap chae that I can try?

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  1. I don't have a recipe per se, as I just make it till it taste right. (I learned by watching my Mother, and she never measures.) So I looked around for recipes that was some what similar to what my Mother does, and here is such a recipe.

    Unfortunately I have never made this recipe so, but it looks right. I just felt bad that no one had answered your question. I hope this helps some what.

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        hmmm when I post yesterday I did not notice that the recipe called for mirin and fish cakes! I have never used those things, although i think it would taste fine, but usually it is not used.

        here are some more recipes to try and you can decide for yourself which one you would like to try! Good luck! :)

        Tell me how everything comes out!

      2. Hmmm. Are you sure the recipe didn't say to cook the beaten eggs first? I know that jap chae has cooked egg strips or pieces so maybe the recipe meant to toss the noodles and stuff with cooked beaten eggs?

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          I'll check it again. Maybe I didn't read it right. What I did turned out nasty.

        2. I would have to agree with Cti98 usally the egg is cooked first and not with the noodles. I hope you try it again! :)