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I know you folks can rec for vegas [moved from L.A. board]

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Live in San Diego, travel to Vegas couple times a year. Trust the LA board for recs, San Diego has no board and maybe no taste; I'm
going to get yelled at for that statement. Know Bellagio restaurants, but want to explore, no trendy, no Emeril, no Bobby Flay, just no name great food. Help.

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    1. Lindo Michoacan for great Mex...the real deal...off the strip - mmmm

      1. Of course there's Rosemary's, I'm suprised no one has recommended it to you yet. Lotus of Siam is another one. Circus Circus Steakhouse is not trendy and considered a gem

        1. You beat me to the Rosemary's rec. :D

          It should be the first stop for any foodie visiting Vegas, no matter how many times you've been before. Not everyone likes their aggressive style, but the combination of food, drink, service, room and value is still the best.

          1. Since you are from San Diego, I would skip any Mexican here in Las Vedas. I grew up in Los Angeles and the Mexican food in Las Vegas does not compare to what you can find in Southern California.

            1. With no disrespect, having grown up on SoCalMex, you're only using one of several Americanized varieties as a standard.

              So while the Mex served in Las Vegas might be very different from what you are used to (and therefore not to your tastes), I would not consider that grounds for turning someone away from what is available.

              If I had that kind of attitude, I would never have discovered places like Serenata De Garibaldi in East LA. Having grown up on TexMex, I think the Mex in Cali (other than upscale interior Mex places) is horrible. Wimpy seasoning, yucky red enchilada sauce instead of beef chili gravy, icky white cheese, I could go on forever. Of the 3 varieties found in the Southwest (Tex, NewMex and Sonoran <Cali and AZ>), Sonoran is far and away my least favorite.

              For the more openminded Mex aficionado in Vegas, I can heartily recommend any of the 3 Michoacan outposts: Viva in Henderson, Lindo and Bonito in town (on Desert Inn and Decatur respectively). The style is Michoacan (duh), the menu is huge (pretty much the same at all 3 locations) and the quality and portion size are excellent. In addition to the traditional complimentary chips and salsa, you also get a yummy bean dip and fideo (noodle) soup with each meal, adding to the value.

              1. I have to disagree with both Eric and GG. I think there's plenty of terrific Mexican food in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I'm not sure where you ate in L.A., GG, but I strongly suggest you solicit local Hounds the next time you are visiting -- your descriptions don't jibe at all with my Mexican experiences in L.A. If you like Serenata, then there are plenty of other options at least as good.

                As for Las Vegas, I know Eric is fond of Viva Mercados, but I didn't have great experiences there. Poly ("Arcosdesign") tipped us to a wonderful find -- the snack bar at Marianna's Supermarket, and I think much of the food there is superb.

                1. Meat, cheese and tortillas-how hard can it be:) lol just kidding