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Jan 11, 2007 01:45 AM

english beer on tap in bay?

where can i get a get a few solid English beers on tap in the bay
(at the proper temp)? i am not talking newcastles or bass here either.

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  1. Try Edinburgh Castle on Geary in San Francisco's colorful 'n chips available from a waiter who will run down the alley to Chelsea F&C...

    1. You would think Toronado would have English beer I know they have Belgium and German.
      547 Haight

      The Pub in the East Bay- lot's of brits go here
      1492 Solano Ave., Albany

      or near by

      Albatross Pub:
      1822 San Pablo Ave

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      1. re: Lori SF

        Sadly Dave the owner of Toronado doesn't like English beers, so rarely puts them on.

          1. re: NoeMan

            Dave's a personal friend of ours, but he has a prediliction for extremely strong beers, with the exception of some of the German stuff. I agree he knows his beers, especially when it comes to the Belgians -- but not when it comes to English ales. He just doesn't have a taste for them. Nothing wrong with that, but we wish he'd put at least one or two decent ones on for those of us who do.

        1. re: Lori SF

          Pub on Solano is an excellent suggestion.

        2. The Englander in San Leandro has a good selection of English beers on tap.

          1. If you are ever driving out to Stinson Beach in Marin, be sure to stop at the Pelican Inn in Muir Beach.


            1. Call Kensington Circus Pub on the Colusa corcle.Ask what they have on tap.The fish and chips have been reported to be good.