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Jan 11, 2007 01:23 AM

Bittman granola recipes

In today's NYT, Mark Bittman has a recipe and video clip for Crunchy Granola that differs from his recipe in How to Cook Everything. In the book, he has you toast the oats, nuts, etc. on the stove for ten minutes or so, then add the sweetener; in the Times/Video, he skips the toasting step and throws the whole thing in the oven. The odd thing is that in the text of the article (but not the video or recipe) he goes out of his way to say that "to make oats crunchy you must toast them, carefully and for awhile."

I've made the book recipe and enjoyed it. Anyone try the NYT recipe/video method and can report on the results?

Also, if you have tried either -- which do you prefer, honey or maple syrup. (In the article, Bittman says there's "no better sweetener than grade B maple syrup." Of course, on the video he seems to prefer honey. Oh, well.)

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  1. He is toasting in the oven, the articles say that. Toasting over direct heat, say as in a pan on the stove is a harder for new folks than less direct heat toasting in the oven. Gotta give him points for being more inclusive.

    Everything about his recipe is how you can adjust it to your if you like honey, use that...if you like maple syrup, or Agrave syrup...a sweetner you like...