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what herbs do you put in your teas?

right now i'm using up my excess mint by infusing it into green tea. for some iced mint tea.

any other ideas?

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  1. When I have a cold, I really enjoy hot tea with cinnamon and ginger.

    1. garlic tea,ginger tea,shadon benny tea, parsley tea, tarragon tea-take your pick-healthy and light

      1. i saw epicurious had one with peach nectar and basil. mmm.

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          you can drink these teas made with herbs without mixing them as well-just water and the herbs- boil add honey or sugar and sip-

        2. Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Black Pepper, I know that these are not herbs but they do go well with tea. I get my tea wholesale from www.tea-leaves.biz you need to buy at least a kilogram but the prices are great.

          1. Donna has a jar of tea that has cardamom seeds in.

            1. Orange, peach (not herbs, I know) bergamot, clove, comfrey, lemon balm or lemon verbena (my fav,) orange or pineapple mint.

              1. One of my favorite (purchased/limited edition) teas from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is Lavender Mint. Got lavender? :)

                1. My family grows its own basil, and I like to make my own basil tea by chopping basil leaves and adding the leaves to water. I then let the water reaching a boiling point and turn the stove off. I don't add a real tea. I let the basil sit in the water for 3 minutes before removing the basil and drinking the basil tea without any sweeteners.