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Jan 11, 2007 12:52 AM

Portland 1st-timer

Howdy fellow hounds.

My wife and I have 5 days in Portland, OR, for a conference of Edible Communities (the folks who do the Edible magazines nationwide).

I've never been to Portland. What shouldn't I miss?


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  1. My guess is you'd like Le Pigeon. You should also not miss microbreweries - McMenamins (many locales), Laurelwood (two), and Roots Brewery (one I think). If you like sweets, you won't wanna miss Pix or Sahagun. Let us know how it goes.

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    1. re: surfer dude

      Agreed on the microbreweries such as Rogue. IMO McMenamins have amazing spaces/environment but their menu and service needs rebuilding from the ground up...just keep the tots. A great place closer into the city is Park Kitchen. A very urban experience. Fenouil is a bit too corporate for my tastes, but a fine effort nonetheless.

    2. What not to miss?
      Pho at Silk on NW Glisan , anything at Fenouil - if only truffle fries with cocktails, steak at Bluehour, anything at Andina on NW Glisan, Le Pigeon on SE Burnside..dessert at Ten01 on NW Couch..

      1. Cool stuff, keep it coming gang! And what about shopping for foodies? Great kitchen stores? Local cured meats or cheeses? How bout wine - are there any good Oregon wine tasting rooms in the downtown area (I won't have time to travel to the wine country itself).

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        1. re: Devotay

          Penzey's has an store onn the Eastside for spice browsing.

        2. Where are you staying? The Fifth Avenue Suites Hotel has a complimentary wine tasting for guests every evening..Saturdays at In Good Taste in the Pearl wine tastings, also a great kitchen store ... Sur La Table on NW Couch & 11th, lotsa kitchen stuff .. Whole Foods, of course, on Couch & 12th.
          I like Zupans for gourmet groceries too.
          My mind has gone blank, hope this helped. Enjoy Portland!

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          1. Oregon Wines on Broadway downtown if you don't have the time for wine country:

            Viande Butcher shop in City Market for sausages, cured meats, pates and terrines

            Le Pigeon for dinner, Simpatica for Sunday Brunch, Carlyle (for dinner or weekday lunch), Powell's Books for Cooks and Gardeners on SE Hawthorne (and the main Powell's on W. Burnside)

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            1. re: JillO

              Bread and Ink sort of across the street (actually on 36th) from Powells cook books.