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Jan 11, 2007 12:44 AM

Have pity on the deprived traveler

We are NH residents looking for cooler climes planning on Heading to Bluff City Tennessee(Down 91 to Hartford and then 84 or 684 to 81 and then 500+ miles ....we then plan on heading back 81 to Washington Dc and then up the Jersey Pike cross the Tappan Zee and then back to Sunapee NH. I'm hoping you all can help us out. We need places to eat at as I get sick of watching my wife shop at Cracker Barrel's gift shop and besides that it costs more than the gas on the trip!!We do plan on eating at the Ridgewood in Bluff city (Great Barbecue and Beans)as it's close to my Father-in-law's. We like diner food and Italian and Mexican and I guess everything else except Cauliflower . We are also hoping to get some soul food in DC and possibly find a good crab shack (on the way home) and finally find some pork roll in Jersey that we can bring home(the boxes)Sorry this is so verbose but I figured that you might have pity on a deprived traveler.....Thanks in advance for your help!!! BTW We did not think too much of the Dutch Kitchen the last time we went down.....

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  1. Hi. My mother, aunt and grandmother stop at every Cracker Barrel along the way during trips so I can really feel for you.

    I can add a few suggestions as I am from Enfield, CT, now live in Pennsylvania and traveled to the Trade, TN area last summer for vacation.

    In Enfield, there is a good Mexican place on Rt. 5 called Serapes which my aunt and cousins like.

    Near there is Sylvia's Restaurant. Awesome Eastern European type food. Wonderful kielbasa.

    For really good pizza or spinach pie in Enfield that isn't too far off the highway, go to Ann's Pizza on Raffia Road. It is a small hole in the wall but is wonderful.

    Near the tri-state area in PA off 84 is the Milford Diner. It was always a must stop when we went that way but it's been many years. There was another restaurant near there that had good fried chicken but I can't think of the name of it.

    I know there are lots more but it is late. Will try and think of more to add tomorrow.

    1. Lots of diner choices off the NJ Tpk. At Exit 8 (Hightstown) you could have the choice of the Americana, the Clairmont and Mom's Peppermill. The Americana has an "upscale" menu and nicely done retro styling, the Clairmont is "typical NJ Diner" and Mom's is somewhat rundown, but typical diner food.

      Mom's is right at the exit, on Rt. 33, go towards Freehold off the Tpk, and it's right there on the left.

      The Clairmont & Americana are close, but a bit more involved.
      (Down load a map from the net).
      33 W (to Freehold), to Rt. 133, to Rt. 130 South is the easily way, since it goes around the town of Hightstown. (Alternately, one could take 33 East, to Princeton Rd. (Rt. 571) to 130.)

      The Americana is first, a left in less than a mile. Go through the intersection with Princeton Rd. Rt. 571 and the Clairmont's on your left but will require a U-turn just beyond a Burger King.

      Nearby are both a huge Shop-Rite and a SuperFresh supermarket, both usually have Taylor Pork Roll in several different packages (boxes, rolls). SuperFresh (across from Clairmont) is a little smaller and quicker to get in and out, the Shop-Rite is huge, crowded with retirees but has an incredible inventory, several aisles of Kosher food, large Spanish section, etc.