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Jan 11, 2007 12:39 AM

Help with debate re: Jack's Grill in Edmonton

Hey guys... need help. When did Jack's Grill move from the Saddleback Rd location to the Lendrum location, precipatating their steady downward fall?

Oh. To meet posting regs, i find that Jack's Grill has fallen far behind it's counterparts across the city. Sad, but true.

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  1. Phone Jack's and ask them. It may be longer than 4 years.

    1. I would venture that it is closer to 10 years than 4 but I cannot think of a benchmark to be more precise.

      I am familiar with Yen's opinion about Jack's. I am not sure that I agree but I have read similar comments. I just have not been out for dinner there in quite some time. Not because I was not satisfied, just a case of not going out for many evening meals living out in the "burbs".

      Also friendships with staff, past and present extending back to the days when Jimmy and Todd Cristal were running about the front of the house in their red Converse running shoes and Peter's philosphy was you could get in and have a green salad and main course accompanied with a glass of wine for under $20...where have those days gone? [smile]...may not make me the the impartial of reviewers....

      Yen, if Jack's is no longer in the upper echelon, what is? Hardware Grill? Characters? Ruth's Chris now? Sorrentino's downtown? Culina?

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        I loved the old days at Jack's Grill as well. I remember my first meal there after my brother's graduation... it was amazing. My whole family was hooked, and we regularly (well, regularly for us as we didnt eat out often) went back. Every time was a great experience. Of course, it's why my poor experiences since the move (well, 2 years after the move to be honest), have been so disappointing to me.

        As for my upper echelon, i definitely rate Hardware Grill in there. I certainly dont find it as innovative as when they first opened, but they do deliver consistency. I have enjoyed a few really great meals at the Blue Pear in the past year, and had a good experience at Red Ox Inn as well.

        Characters has failed to meet my expectations time and time again. Still love the space, but sadly, the food doesnt satisfy me. I havent been to Edm's Ruth's Chris yet... looking forward to trying it. I havent been to Sorrentino's downtown.And Culina, i really enjoy. But you have to be in the mood for it - it's a bit too eclectic to be a consistent place to eat.

        I just (today actually) moved back to Edmonton, so give me some time to get back into the groove of things. I might have a more up to date opinion in a month or so.

      2. Took a quick look at Jack's web-site.

        Joane Kates' least in some local "foodie" circles...Packrat and I think Hardware got "savaged"...Globe & Mail Review is dated May 1997 and I am pretty sure Jack's was in their new location by then so it is at least 10 years.

        1. Been there three times in the last year. It was quite good overall.